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Do you earn what you’re worth? Do you know if you earn what your worth? If you generate leads for a per lead fee or a monthly fee with or without a performance bonus, you’re probably leaving dollars on the table. Could you be charging hundreds of dollars for leads that should be worth $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 (each) or more to you? If you’re really good at what you do, don’t leave dollars on the table?

At ScerIS, many of our closings are for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don’t you think that you should get, perhaps, as much as 25% of that amount as your performance bonus? For example, a $100,000 ScerIS software sale produces a $25,000 fee to our partners.

Most people and companies these days have multiple income streams. They may leverage the same client base but with multiple offerings that can help offset negative market dynamics that can affect one of those income streams. If you’re betting exclusively on lead generation and not securing your second, third, fourth and fifth income streams, you’re putting yourself at risk.

ScerIS provides 5 separate income generators. Four of these income generators depend on your lead development skills. Three of these income generators provide passive lifetime income streams. 

You’re already are in the know. You know how to do lead generation. Turn your talent and skills into finding prospects for:

  • ScerIS Products and Services
  • ScerIS’s Strategic Partner Program
  • VAR and OEM Relationships

You will be amazed at the opportunities, the pricing models, and the needs of prospective customers and the widespread application of ScerIS products and services.

Meet with a member of our leadership team to learn about creating a significant income stream and implement a wealth development program.

For information about these income streams and to learn more, go to Sceris.com/strategic_partners.