Wealth Opportunity for Recruiters

Significant Income & Wealth Strategy

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Do you earn what you’re worth? If you follow a traditional fee for service model, you’re probably leaving dollars on the table. The same applies to a contingency or hybrid model.

At ScerIS, our recruiter partners earn as much as 40% and more on their placements at ScerIS. And placements they make into the Partner Program can earn them as much as $100,000 or more for each placement. How many placements can you make? Do you know any individuals that either can’t find a new job or are interested in being an IBO (Independent Business Owner)?

Is recruiting all you do? Most people and companies these days have multiple income streams. They may leverage the same client base but with multiple offerings that can help offset negative market dynamics that can affect one of those income streams. If you’re betting on recruiting and not securing your second, third, fourth and fifth income streams, you’re putting yourself at risk.

In addition to its service model for recruiters, ScerIS provides 4 additional income generators, three of which provide passive lifetime income streams. 

You’re already are in the know. You know leadership in human resources, and you have contacts with the many managers you’ve placed. Additionally, you have contacts that you hope to develop into future income opportunities, and ScerIS products and services may be a great way for you to introduce yourself and begin a relationship with these other prospects. We can show you how to develop your other income streams and how to develop passive income streams that generate incomes for years to come.

Meet with a member of our leadership team to learn about creating a significant income stream and implement a wealth development program.

For information about these income streams and to learn more, go to Sceris.com/strategic_partners.