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If you’re an MLMer, you already know the power of multiplication. But, can you imagine the impact of multiplication on big ticket opportunities? Everyone knows people in business leadership and management, and these connections, known or built can provide significant income opportunities. Opportunities for the company’s products and services are nearly everywhere.

And of-course there’s a recruiting and sponsorship component that helps create a passive lifetime income, but of course on big tickets, not small purchases.

But let’s start here… there’s no financial investment, there’s nothing to buy, not even a book. Just bring your passion capital, learn our business model, build your business plan using our income generation planning tool which helps you know exactly what is needed to meet or exceed the income goals you set for yourself.

Your MLM skills in lead generation, sales and recruiting are exactly the skills needed for this powerful income generation model. You will work directly with company assigned personnel who will help you turn your lead generation efforts into real deals, and share in the revenue built from our combined efforts. Further, your development of other partners will provide you with a significant income override for two levels deep.

With ScerIS you could be generating leads and closing business with ScerIS team members, and some of your leads could be worth as much as $10,000, $20,000 or more to you, each. These opportunities are everywhere.

And you get a 20% override on the income paid to agents you recruit, forever. Twenty percent of $20,000 is $4,000, just for a single transaction. Let us help you get 20, 30, 50 or more agents in place that you will benefit from.

At ScerIS, many of our closings are for hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of the primary components of our sales is our software. A $100,000 ScerIS software sale produces a $25,000 fee to our partners.

Most people and companies these days have multiple income streams. So, while you continue to promote your other business initiatives you can develop the possibility of an extraordinary income. Additionally, 3 of the 5 income generators provide passive lifetime income streams.

You’re already are in the know. You know the power of multiplication. Turn your talent and skills into finding prospects for:

  • ScerIS Products and Services
  • ScerIS’s Strategic Partner Program
  • VAR and OEM Relationships

You will be amazed at the opportunities, the pricing models, and the needs of prospective customers and the widespread application of ScerIS products and services.

Meet with a member of our leadership team to learn about creating a significant income stream and implement a wealth development program.

For information about these income streams and to learn more, go to Sceris.com/strategic_partners.