Wealth Opportunity for LinkedIN Open Networkers

Significant Income & Wealth Strategy

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Why did you become an Open Networker or LION on LinkedIn? If you recognize the value of building your network and want to turn your connections into a significant income, then read on.

Your connections may be your path to a significant income. Some of your connections are individuals with responsibilities to improve processes within their company. Others might be a conduit to decision makers. Others might be individuals, like you, that recognize the value of a business opportunity that has the potential for a huge income and includes lifetime passive income generators.

In the ScerIS Strategic Partner program, partners participate in up to 5 income generators, three of which provide passive lifetime income streams. ScerIS offers its software and services to 16 major markets/industries and over 100 sub markets. Nearly every business of every type is a prospect for the company’s capabilities. Your connections into companies of all sorts, including government agencies, are the perfect starting point for developing relationships that result in a significant income (a revenue sharing model) for you.

One of the income generators involves introducing individuals to our Strategic Partner program. Recruiting into the Partner Program can earn you as much as $100,000 or more for each placement. How many connections do you have that would like to develop a business and the potential for significant income? How many placements can you make? Do you know any individuals that either can’t find a new job or are interested in being an IBO (Independent Business Owner)? Do you know any other Open Networkers and LIONS (of course you do)? Nearly everyone can do this and be successful with it.

We don’t know what you do today for income, if anything, but we do know that individuals and businesses are securing second, third, fourth and fifth income streams. In the ScerIS Strategic Partner program, you have access to 5 new income streams, 3 of which provide lifetime passive income. Don’t miss out.

We invite you to meet with a member of our leadership team to learn about creating a significant income stream and implement a wealth development program.

For information about these income streams and to learn more, go to Sceris.com/strategic_partners.