Strategic Partner Program Introduction

The ScerIS Strategic Partner Program was designed for people who desire the financial freedom to live life on their own terms. This program represents an unprecedented business opportunity for income production, peace of mind, financial freedom and recurring revenue that can last a lifetime and help you reach your peak success.

ScerIS has designed and implemented an extraordinary income and wealth generation platform in which nearly anyone can participate. ScerIS has partnered with businesses and individuals since 1996 and most of the wonderful clients we serve today are the result of partner introductions.

But unlike the early days where we simply shared the revenue on these transactions, the Strategic Partner program has evolved and today provides 5 income generating opportunities.

The information below and on the linked pages will give you an understanding of ScerIS, our software and services and our Strategic Partner Program. If you have any questions, please let your referring partner know and they will help connect you with resources that can answer them for you.

Company Background

ScerIS was founded in 1993. It is a software developer; provides business process and technology oriented consulting services; designs and implements systems most of which are based on its software platform, ETCETERA®; offers SaaS and other Cloud/Hosting services; and provides business process outsourced services as well as on site services for clients.

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Effective March 23, 2020


To assist healthcare, business and government entities in their recovery from the effects of COVID-19, ScerIS is granting licenses to ETCETERA® – The Platform for Workflows, Application Development, Content Management, Scanning, Automation and Business Intelligence in any quantity desired to customers and prospects, from now through March 2021.

Watch the video below for an introduction to the Economic Recovery Software Grant Program by our CEO Jim Walckner.

Software Platforms

ETCETERA® is the platform on which client’s reimagine and reinvent their business processes. From high speed scanning, document management, business process management, workflows and business intelligence, to automated processes and so much more, ETCETERA® is the platform for nearly any purpose, in nearly any market/industry, for nearly any department. For organizations making the shift to DEVOPS, low code or NO CODE application development and shifting away from silos of technology, ETCETERA® is the perfect platform for the enterprise. The perfect place to learn about some of the applications of ETCETERA® is to visit the individual Industry pages on the website. For information about ScerIS and its modules and licensing, please refer to the following:

Consulting and Professional Services

The company is a resource to its clients. As such, we help them redesign work processes to optimize human capital utilization. Our consulting services help package a solution that meets the exact requirements of the client. The professional services team provides implementation, customization, documentation, training and support services.

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Outsourced Services

How can we truly be a resource unless we cover a wide swath of solutions and services? ScerIS outsourced services include business process outsourcing (BPO), document conversions, and onsite business process and document conversion services.

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Cloud / Hosted Services

Not only do our clients use the cloud for hosted services, they can use it for their other applications. The ETCETERA® Platform is available for on-premises or Cloud based installations. When installed in the Cloud, customer have the choice of Multi-Tenant, Hybrid or Private Cloud offerings. In the Hybrid cloud clients have dedicated application servers and databases – their data is never intermingled in a database with other clients. In the Private Cloud clients have dedicated application servers, can leverage their server and SQL licensing to save money or use the Microsoft licensing available in the cloud. Alternatives and more alternatives is what helps us meet a client’s unique requirements, rather than try to force them into a cloud environment that doesn’t meet their needs.

Industries Served

ScerIS offers its solutions and services to 16 major markets/industries. The best way to get introduced to the individual markets and examples of market business requirements is to visit the pages below. If you have an interest in or knowledge of a particular industry, and plan to focus your efforts in that industry, we invite you to focus on that page(s).


Cross Industry Solution Examples

There are numerous departments that exist in every company, of which Accounting and Human Resources are a good example. Additionally most organizations have purchasing, contract management, credit & collections, information technology, payroll and more.

For a couple examples of the work performed in these horizontal applications, please review the following information on our Human Resources and Accounts Payable solutions:

Strategic Partner Opportunity

This is your opportunity to build a business or compliment your existing business(es). Multiple lines of income opportunity are a good thing, and they help balance against economic forces that are outside of everyone’s control. Because of this, ScerIS offers 5 separate but related paths to income generation, but there’s nothing keeping you from also developing others.

In this program you can directly participate in the development of new business opportunities with ScerIS, hire and manage your own staff (or independent contractors), introduce other individuals and businesses to the Strategic Partner program, help ScerIS fill key positions with your network and introduce ScerIS to possible VAR/OEM arrangements.

For your direct participation in new product and service sales, ScerIS shares the revenue of the transaction with the Partner based on a revenue sharing model. For your direct participation in recruiting talent for the company, ScerIS pays a commission monthly for two years, and the basis for your commission includes the employee’s base pay, bonuses, and commissions, but excludes any money paid to the employee for their partner recruiting activities. For new partner introductions and VAR/OEM introductions that result in revenue to the company, you’ll receive a portion of that revenue. And lastly, you will receive a portion of the revenue generated by individuals and businesses that become partners as the result of the partners you’ve introduced to the company. This last component is totally passive and can go on indefinitely, just like the revenue sharing you participate in with partners and VAR/OEM introductions that you introduced to ScerIS.

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What Does It Take To
Build Your Income Stream

Perhaps the most challenging part of this program is that you are not expected to be the Shell Answer Man. ScerIS resources will participate with you in the development of your prospects, whether they are for Products and Services, Partner Introductions or VARs/OEMs. Of course, the more you know the more independent you can be, but here’s what you need to know…

In developing prospects for Products and Services, you will need to ask questions to elicit a positive response that is converted to an introductory meeting which will be attended by your ScerIS resource (by telephone or in person as determined by ScerIS). Examples of a couple questions asked to an HR Manager:

      • Are you still buried in paper?
      • Do you still have employee files that are paper based?
      • Do you have some processes in HR that need to be better automated?
      • Do you have a need to better track licensures (healthcare market)?
      • Do you have a need to better track TB tests and Flu Shots (healthcare market)?
      • Do you need a better way to track licensure expirations?
      • And so on.

Any positive answer, and you book the introductory call. Just say, “I (or my company) work with an organization that is expert at helping you address (the name of their problem or opportunity).” You can do this on the phone, you can do this in emails or manage some prospect interactions on your blog. Your choice. Could developing prospects for you and the company be any easier?

ScerIS Strategic Partner Agreement

Build your business opportunity with ScerIS. To get started, please review the attached agreement and learn about Partner and ScerIS responsibilities, revenue splits and other income generators.

Access Partner Agreement