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From Our CEO

I have over 40 years worth of experience with entrepreneurship and corporate responsibilities. Over that time those responsibilities have included working with Fortune 50 companies, private companies, managing turn arounds, managing business processes, building businesses and more. Throughout all these years I have never seen an income generation program that comes close to what you have become a part of. We’ve set up three income generators producing passive incomes – one of the best ways I know of to build wealth. Another income generator provides for near immediate income production. This is more than a business opportunity – this is your avenue to building personal wealth and financial freedom in your future.

There are no initiation fees, start-up costs or franchise fees involved. We set up this program to provide our partners the opportunity to turn their passion capital and personal drive into a thriving business. Our goal is to pay YOU, because every time we pay you we WIN too. Talk about a WIN – WIN business opportunity!

The trajectory of your business in this program is up to you. I make you this commitment – if you put in the time to plan and execute, do the work, understand that nothing happens overnight and are willing to stay the course you will thrive. We are personally invested in your success. You put in the time and effort to build your business, and in return we will put the time and effort into helping you build wealth through your success.

Welcome to the ScerIS Strategic Partner Program, the most extraordinary business opportunity I know of!

Jim Walckner
Founder, CEO & President
ScerIS, Inc.

Developing Your Business

The Plans YOU Make – The Steps YOU Take

business processes improvement

Building a business requires a plan. Priorities must be set and activities prioritized. The information provided in this document is to assist you in the development of the actions that need to be taken to create an effective business plan and achieve your financial goals. The plan you make, the steps you take and the messages you embrace will be your own.

Access your printable / downloadable partner resource on this topic by clicking on the thumbnail icon or clicking here.

Get the Appointment

Lead Generation is JOB 1, requiring persistence, solid messaging and knowing how not to lose the opportunity.

In the ScerIS Strategic Partner model there are numerous income generating opportunities within the Revenue Sharing model. Some are industry specific, some are function specific and some are a combination of industry and function specific. Some will pertain to deficiencies in specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Others will involve outsourced services, hosting services and more. Getting the appointment will be all about messaging that resonates with the suspect.

The job of a Strategic Business Partner is to get the initial appointment and then participate throughout the sales process, helping manage and foster the relationship. It is not to be the subject matter expert, know every aspect of ScerIS’s system and services offerings, provide product demonstration, size systems or construct contracts.

Getting the appointment is just that – setting up a time for the prospect to connect with ScerIS as the subject matter expert. Remember, the “less you say”, the “more you know”.

If asked for any specifics when getting the appointment, simply respond with “I’m primarily responsible for relationship development with clients and partners. Let me connect you with someone from corporate who’s a subject matter expert in your area so that we can fully answer all of your questions”, and book the appointment.

Typically, get three dates/times that are available for the suspect to meet by telephone (or in person) and we’ll do our very best to accommodate availability in their calendar.

Managing and Codifying Contacts

It’s important to get all your contacts together into a CRM, single database or spreadsheet. This section focuses on using a spreadsheet to manage contacts. These recommendations apply to managing contacts in a CRM or database, as well. Click on the icon at right to download instructions on how to manage and codify your contacts.

Contacts can be downloaded from LinkedIn (click here for instructions). The spreadsheet provided by LinkedIn includes Name, Title, Company and Email Address headings. Merge that list with your existing list of contacts or add your contacts to the list. Be sure to update the list regularly.

Note that the LinkedIn list will include the “connected date” (date that a specific contact became a member of your first level network). Filter from your last download so that you are only adding recent connections to your master list. If you need to identify duplicates so that company and position can be updated, please contact your ScerIS rep who will assign a technician to help you identify dupes on your list. It will then be your responsibility to modify any values on the list to reflect new data. (You will not want to delete the old data because of tracking of outbound marketing/lead development efforts).

For basic information or a refresher on how to manage a spreadsheet in Excel, please click here.

For information on how to add filters to an Excel spreadsheet, please click here.

Setting Up Your Spreadsheet Tutorial

LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for career and business professionals to network, get resources and support, and build relationships with potential customers, clients, and partners and the greatest asset a ScerIS Strategic Partner has in building their business. ScerIS provides its partners with the knowledge base necessary to quickly and efficiently build their LinkedIn first level network into the thousands of connections using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator product and also helps partners understand how to monetize that network. Network building activities should be ongoing for every partner.

LinkedIn & Sales Navigator: Basics for ScerIS Strategic Partners

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Further Information

Partners can also benefit from LinkedIn’s mobile app, available for download in the ITunes App Store and Google Play. The LinkedIn App allows partners to continue building their network, check messages and stay in touch with prospects all from the convenience of their mobile device. The mobile user-friendly mobile interface can even allow for shorter invitation sending process. Further information on the LinkedIn mobile app can be accessed by clicking here.

Network Building Guidelines

Whether working manually or using a widget like Linked Helper to build your network, there are best practice guidelines you want to keep in mind as you work to expand reach on LinkedIn to ensure compliance with LinkedIn’s user guidelines. While you can find several articles on the web suggesting various approaches, we’ve found the best of these to be as follows:

For LinkedIn Accounts Older Than 1 Year:

  • Invitations / connection requests: 100 – 150 per day / 50 per day if account is less than 1 year old (learn more here)
  • Messages to 1st level connections: 150 – 200 per day
  • Messages to LinkedIn Group Members: 15 per month for all groups (learn more here)
  • Endorsements: 60 per day

LinkedIn account users of any length of time should also manage pending invites appropriately to ensure they never have more than 1,500 pending invitations out at one time. Invitations can be viewed and managed in LinkedIn by browsing to while logged into a valid LinkedIn account. Instructions to withdraw invitations both individually and in bulk can be found in the LinkedIn Basics for ScerIS Strategic Partners video above or by clicking here.

Users can access the reference material for the above metrics, as well as expanded information, by clicking here.

Exporting LinkedIn Connections

Partners are encouraged to download their 1st level LinkedIn connections in preparation of connecting with potential partners and customers. Step by step instructions on how to export your 1st level connections can be accessed in the LinkedIn Help section by clicking here.

Email Networking

Email can be another powerful way to connect with potential partners and customers. Automation of this process can be achieved by using one of several widgets offering such functionality.  GMass is one such widget that our partners have had success with.


What ScerIS Provides

Strategic Partner Expectations

The key to any successful business is proper planning and focus. Given the different opportunities for developing income, determining the plan of action for your business is as important as it gets. Following through on that plan will help you achieve your targeted results. Typically, the rewards you get out of the Strategic Partner Program will be directly related to your targeted audience for clients and partners, and the work you put into securing those opportunities.

The most important expectation is one you should have of yourself – don’t let yourself down. Be persistent. Remember, this is your business and it’s up to you to drive results.

Registering Prospects

Whether it’s a prospective customer or strategic partner your introducing to the program, you’ll want to be sure to register their information in order to get credit for the relationship. The process of registering these leads is as simple as sending an email to John Rainone with the following information in the body of the message:

  • About You:
    • Your Name
    • Your Partner ID Number
  • For Prospective Business Partners:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Company Name (if applicable)
    • Role in current organization (if applicable)
    • City
    • State
    • Phone Number
    • Email
  • For Prospective Customers:
    • Company name
    • Complete company address
    • Company main phone number
    • Contact person name
    • Contact person title
    • Contact person email
    • Contact person phone number or extension
    • Company Website URL
    • Description of focus of opportunity or area of interest

The Right Questions

Identifying prospects and keeping the dialogue moving forward can be easy if you ask a few simple questions. Here are some examples:

Do you still have paper files, anywhere?

ETCETERA® provides for the management of digitized records. ScerIS provides digitization services to get organizations to “paperless”.

Do you still have paper based business processes, anywhere?

ETCETERA® provides for the configuration of automated online applications, workflows and image/document enabled business processes.

Do you need access to business intelligence that helps you better manage the company?

ETCETERA® includes Business Intelligence tools that seamlessly aggregate key performance indicators (KPI) from across disparate data sources.

Do you have end of life software products?

There’s a need to keep the data from the old system as well as build the replacement for that system on a platform that’s shared and leveraged across the enterprise – that’s ETCETERA®.

Do you have compliance issues to address that pertain to information or records management?

ETCETERA® is the platform for consuming management information, including information that is not human readable, and turning it into a valuable corporate resource.

Are you changing ERPs or other core enterprise products such as an EMR, LIS, etc?

Use ETCETERA to minimize the cost of the new enterprise software implementations – avoid returning to the same problems that may have required the purchase of a new enterprise software product, such as customization’s that could not be supported.

Are you looking to reduce IT spending?

ETCETERA® is the platform that replaces silos of technology and helps organizations avoid future silo purchases, reduces ERP customization’s, and helps IT organizations achieve greater safeguards for their environment.

Do you have an existing document management product that isn’t meeting your needs?

ScerIS provides a “trade up” opportunity for organizations that acquired traditional software licenses. New customers can apply all of their licensed purchase towards the ETCETERA® platform for up to 50% off the license of ETCETERA® (does not apply to Software as a Service offerings).