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Strategic Partner Program

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From Our CEO

I have over 40 years of entrepreneurship and corporate responsibilities. Over that time my corporate responsibilities have included working with Fortune 50 companies, private companies, managing turn arounds, managing business processes, building businesses and more. Throughout all these years I have never seen an income generation program that comes close to what you have become a part of. We’ve set up three income generators producing passive incomes – one of the best ways I know of to build wealth. Another income generator provides for near immediate income production. This is more than a business opportunity – this is your avenue to building personal wealth and financial freedom in your future.

There are no initiation fees, start-up costs, franchise fees or any other sort of cost involved. We set up this program to provide our partners the opportunity to turn their passion capital and personal drive into a thriving business. My goal is to pay YOU, because every time we pay you, we WIN too. Talk about a WIN – WIN business opportunity.

The trajectory of your business in this program is up to you. I make you this commitment – put in the time to plan and execute, do the work, understand that nothing happens overnight and stay the course. I am personally invested in your success. You put in the time and effort to build your business, and in return I will put the time and effort into helping you build wealth through your success.

Welcome to the ScerIS Strategic Partner Program, the most extraordinary business opportunity I know of!

Jim Walckner
Founder, CEO & President
ScerIS, Inc.


Strategic Partner Expectations

They key to any successful business is a commitment to putting in the work necessary to see it thrive. The rewards you get out of the Strategic Partner Program will be directly related to the work you put into it. Some of the most successful partners we’ve had have committed themselves to the following:


Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Every business needs a business plan defining and mapping the way to success. The Income Generator tool helps Strategic Partners define the actions necessary to achieve their unique income goals. The Income Generator tool is an Excel spreadsheet in which assumptions are made and the income value of those assumptions is calculated and presented on a summary page, as shown in the example below.

Each of the tabs in the Income Generator tool presents the details behind the calculations, and allows you as our partner to apply your assumptions, derive an estimated income from those assumptions, fine tune your plan and develop an understanding of actions required to achieve your forecasted results.

To download your own copy of the Income Generator tool click here.

Strategic Partner program

For an explanation of the assumptions used in the Summary Income shown above, click here.

Starting the Dialogue

As a Strategic partner how you start the dialogue is up to you, but we’ve found keeping your initial message straight forward and conversational can be a good strategy to begin with.  Here are couple simple examples:

To Somebody you Know: Hi Joe. How have you been? I’ve been working with a 25 year old technology company recently and it’s incredible how they are able to help organization’s similar to yours in all kinds of areas. I think it would be really valuable for you to have a conversation with them. Can I help you set something up?.

To A Member of your Professional Network: I came across your company recently. It looks like process automation would be beneficial to your customers / bottom line. I’ve been working with a 25 year old technology company recently that does some amazing work in that area. I think it would be really valuable for you to have a conversation with them. Can I help you set something up?

The Right Questions

Identifying prospects and keeping the dialogue moving forward can be easy if you ask a few simple questions. Here are some examples:

Do you still have paper files, anywhere?

ETCETERA provides for the management of digitized records. ScerIS provides digitization services to get organizations to “paperless”.

Do you still have paper based business processes, anywhere?

ETCETERA provides for the configuration of automated online applications, workflows and image/document enabled business processes.

Do you need access to business intelligence that helps you better manage the company?

ETCETERA includes Business Intelligence tools that seamlessly aggregate key performance indicators (KPI) from across disparate data sources.

Do you have end of life software products?

There’s a need to keep the data from the old system as well as build the replacement for that system on a platform that’s shared and leveraged across the enterprise – that’s ETCETERA.

Do you have compliance issues to address that pertain to information or records management?

ETCETERA is the platform for consuming management information, including information that is not human readable, and turning it into a valuable corporate resource.

Are you changing ERPs or other core enterprise products such as an EMR, LIS, etc?

Use ETCETERA to minimize the cost of the new enterprise software implementations – avoid returning to the same problems that may have required the purchase of a new enterprise software product, such as customization’s that could not be supported.

Are you looking to reduce IT spending?

ETCETERA is the platform that replaces silos of technology and helps organizations avoid future silo purchases, reduces ERP customization’s, and helps IT organizations achieve greater safeguards for their environment.

Do you have an existing document management product that isn’t meeting your needs?

ScerIS provides a “trade up” opportunity for organizations that acquired traditional software licenses. New customers can apply all of their licensed purchase towards the ETCETERA platform for up to 50% off the license of ETCETERA (does not apply to Software as a Service offerings).