Recruiting as a Service

As Much as $100k or More Per Placement

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There’s a number of income models embraced by recruiters; namely retainer based, fee for service and various hybrid models. The model that is gaining attraction to businesses is one in which recruiters and the business share in having successful placements. In these arrangements, the recruiter is paid a portion of the placement’s salary, but instead of a one-time fee, the recruiter receives their fee over a 2 year period – a WIN – WIN model. It’s a lot like SaaS (Software as a Service) which has replaced the one-time purchases of software licenses with a monthly fee for the use of a software product, often combined with a hosted environment. The organizations offering this model have appealed to the buy now – pay later mentality of buyers and are reaping the long-term benefits (why else would they do it).

At ScerIS we have two such recruiting opportunities. The first is to recruit for open positions at ScerIS. Recruiters earn a 15% commission of all income paid to the placement each month for 2 years. That means that the recruiter is paid based on salary, increases in compensation, bonuses and commissions. When comparing this to a single one-time recruiting fee this is approximately equivalent to a 40% placement fee. At ScerIS these placements will typically earn between $60,000 and $150,000 annually, producing an overall fee of approximately $24,000 to $60,000 spanning 2 years. Recruiter fees are paid each month based on wages paid in the prior month.

For recruiters that want the potential to earn over $100,000 per recruit (and possibly much more), we invite you to make placements into the ScerIS Strategic Partner Program (and invite you to join this program as well). This is a business opportunity for your placements that is without any start-up fee. We’ve made it possible for anyone to be successful with this program as they pursue any of the 5 income generators that make sense for them. Recruiters are paid 20% of their placement’s “revenue sharing” income. If the placement makes $50,000 per year, the recruiter earns $10,000. The recruiter earns 20% of the revenue sharing income received by their placements now and for as long as their placements continue to earn any amount for “product and services” revenue sharing. Now and forever.

This fee income is complimented with an opportunity to earn a fee on the partners sponsored by your placements. You earn 10% of the income they earn from “product and services” revenue sharing. If your placement brings on 20 other partners, each of which make an average of $20,000, that’s another $40,000 in fees to you annually (20 x $20,000 x .1). There’s no limit to the number of partners your placements sponsor, so there’s virtually no limit to the fees paid to you for each placement. You receive your fee on their incomes, forever, even if the individual you sponsored leaves the program. Can you imagine earning $10,000 to $50,000 every year for a single placement?

Well, that’s how it works. This leaves the question of how many individuals do you want to recruit into the program. Would 20 placements get to the point of earning you $400,000 to $600,000 annually?

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