Strategic Partner Program

Increasing Recruiter Fee Income

Executive Recruiters and Executive Recruiting Firms everywhere are monetizing their contacts with additional services. You or your firm may do the same.

Whether you’ve diversified your services portfolio or not, ScerIS is your resource for broadening your value to your customers and contacts and can help you significantly increase fee income per recruiter with minimal effort and without the costs typically associated with diversifying a service portfolio.

Every contact provides the potential for increased fees. A corporate partnering program with ScerIS has the mechanisms for achieving significant additional income.

Human Resources

Earn up to $15k to $50k Per Recruiter Per Year

Every HR organization is a prospect for ScerIS systems and services. The Etcetera Platform is configured to address the unique requirements of each HR organization and provides for digitization of the HR department, digital transformation of processes (HRMS) and key performance indicators and other metrics using the Etcetera BI tool. Services include digitization of physical records and HRMS consulting.

Hiring Managers

Earn up to $25k to $100k Per Recruiter Per Year

Working with hiring managers means that you’re working with managers with process responsibilities. Processes need to be optimized and the best managers are seeking ways to improve processes and add to their company’s financial performance. The Etcetera Platform is configured to provide systems that optimize business processes across the enterprise. For IT managers, it’s the platform for application consolidation and long term savings, freeing up IT spend for other pressing requirements.

Placements You’ve Made

Earn up to $25k to $100k Per Recruiter Per Year

Every placement you’ve ever made into a supervisor position and above, whether in that position, in a new position or with another company, is a prospect for ScerIS solutions. All of these individuals need to continuously improve processes and bring newfound opportunities to their employer. ScerIS provides systems addressing processes, digitization services (go paperless) and business process outsourcing services that leverage ScerIS automation capabilities..

Candidates Not Placed

Earn up to $100k Per Recruiter

Some candidates are challenging to place, yet they are incredibly capable. For candidates that are out of work, we invite our strategic recruiting partners to steer them towards the ScerIS Strategic Partner program where they can enjoy an independent business opportunity. ScerIS resources work closely with each new partner to help them become self-reliant and achieve their desired earnings potential. There’s no fee for these individuals, but a significant upside for their sponsor, you.

To identify opportunities for expanded fee income generation, recruiters just need to learn a few simple questions. A positive response leads us to a shared effort to serve your contact or candidate.

When you add up the income generated in the programs available to recruiters in the ScerIS Strategic Partner program, each recruiter can achieve over $100k in additional income. This partnering program includes hundreds of income possibilities, a planning tool to help organizations forecast short-term and long-term income generation and underlying requirements and training and support.

And isn’t it odd that there’s the possibility that monetizing candidates that you could not place has a greater fee income value than the individuals you did place.

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