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LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for career and business professionals to network, get resources and support, and build relationships with potential customers, clients, and partners and the greatest asset a ScerIS Strategic Partner has in building their business. ScerIS provides its partners with the knowledge base necessary to quickly and efficiently build their LinkedIn first level network into the thousands of connections using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator product and also helps partners understand how to monetize that network. Network building activities should be ongoing for every partner.

LinkedIn & Sales Navigator: Basics for ScerIS Strategic Partners

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Further Information

Partners can also benefit from LinkedIn’s mobile app, available for download in the ITunes App Store and Google Play. The LinkedIn App allows partners to continue building their network, check messages and stay in touch with prospects all from the convenience of their mobile device. The mobile user-friendly mobile interface can even allow for shorter invitation sending process. Further information on the mobile app can be accessed by clicking here.

Network Building Guidelines

Whether working manually or using a widget like Linked Helper to build your network, there are best practice guidelines you want to keep in mind as you work to expand reach on LinkedIn to ensure compliance with LinkedIn’s user guidelines While you can find several article on the web suggesting various approaches, we’ve found the best of these to be as follows:

For LinkedIn Accounts Older Than 1 Year:

  • Invitations / connection requests: 100 – 150 per day / 50 per day if account is less than 1 year old (learn more here)
  • Messages to 1st level connections: 150 – 200 per day
  • Messages to LinkedIn Group Members: 15 per month for all groups (learn more here)
  • Endorsements: 60 per day

LinkedIn account users of any length of time should also manage pending invites appropriately to ensure they never have more than 1,500 pending invitations out at one time. Invitations can be viewed and managed in LinkedIn by browsing to while logged into a valid LinkedIn account. Instructions to withdraw invitations both individually and in bulk can be found in the LinkedIn Basics for ScerIS Strategic Partners video above or by clicking here.

Users can access the reference material for the above metrics, as well as expanded information, by clicking here.

Exporting LinkedIn Connections

Partners are encouraged to download their 1st level LinkedIn connections in preparation of connecting with potential partners and customers. Step by step instructions on how to export your 1st level connections can be accessed in the LinkedIn Help section by clicking here.