An invitation from Jim Walckner, ScerIS President & CEO:


If you’re seeking an opportunity to increase your current income or perhaps for a new opportunity, our affiliate program might be the perfect fit for you.

ScerIS, founded in 1993, has had tremendous success working with business partners since the mid 1990’s. Some partners are publicly traded companies, others are private companies and individuals.

From our many partnering experiences, which brought us a very significant client base, we learned how to structure partnering opportunities with a WIN-WIN formula. The formula, a revenue sharing model, became the underpinning of an affiliate/strategic business partner program that provides 5 major income opportunities and many minor or subordinate opportunities as well.

Partners in this program define their own income goals, but work together with ScerIS to establish a plan to help them achieve those goals. For some this involves using their current network. For others this means the development of new relationships, many of which will also help them in their core business or offerings.

Unlike most affiliate programs which only involve promoting the products or services of a company, in our program just 1 income opportunity directly involves the products and/or services of ScerIS. The other 4 income opportunities provide for some of your greatest income potential and are tied to your network and your entrepreneurial spirit and drive. Each of these programs is explained in a telephone interview as we discover how to help you attain your financial goals.


There is no financial investment for any of the 5 programs. Our business relationship is one of mutual respect and the support provided to one another to achieve our individual goals.

To arrange for a conversation with myself or one of our Division Presidents, please call John Rainone at 978-218-5025.

Jim Walckner