In response to the economic impact of COVID on businesses and government entities across our great nation, ScerIS decided to grant its software to organizations to help them return from the negative economic impact of the pandemic stronger, healthier and better positioned for future success. Truly amazing as their board of directors has approved this grant and authorized gifting of $200,000,000 in software licenses.

After October 31, 2021, we’ll be back to business as normal, we hope. But until the end of October 2021 my focus is helping organizations get the software licenses they desire, in place, before this grant program expires. Please complete the form below and I’ll get you a proposal outlining the value of the grant to your company. You’ll be able to modify the modules granted to fit your needs. We have resources standing by to help you determine the licensing that will suit you best. And we’ll adjust the licensing to reflect the modules that you desire. After submitting the form below, please give me about three days to get the grant proposal out to you. I know that time is of the essence because this program is ending as of October 31, 2021 or earlier if it is over-subscribed.

If you wish to connect, my email address is and my phone number is 407-383-6679.

Paula Arango
ScerIS Affiliate

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The Multi-Purpose Platform

Enabling the Digital Office

ETCETERA Platform - Enterprise Content Management Module

*Delivered On-Premise or in the Cloud

Building Enterprise Applications

ETCETERA Platform - Enterprise Process Management Module

Unlocking the Power of Data

ETCETERA Platform - Enterprise Business Intelligence Module