While it is not our intention to seem offensive in light of tragedy, we’re pretty certain that reducing expenses or perhaps saving their company is on most CEO’s minds right now. We know we can help –

In the current business climate in light of what has become a global crisis, cost cutting, deferred capital requests, and furloughing employees have all become a sad but inevitable fact for many organizations.  Many businesses are looking for savings in effort to try and avoid furloughs, or worse, layoffs.

Did you know that consolidation of applications and subscriptions can provide $750 – $4,000 in annual savings per employee?  Now, multiply the number of employees in your company by estimated savings to get your target.  Could your organization use this?  Could your CEO use these funds to help keep jobs?  Helping those CEO’s is on our minds.

Our ETCETERA® software is the platform for digitized document management and business process transitions that also supports remote workers and we’re making it available to you without capital or subscription cost.  Morphing your team from support to innovation will help secure their future while bringing significant financial benefit to your company.  Now could be the right time to make this transition as you ready the company for all hands back to work.

This offer is a spin-off of the ScerIS Pinnacle Partner Program (P3).  In P3 we grant new customers with software licenses valued at $50,000 plus $250 per employee.  For an organization with 500 employees, this is about $175,000 in software licenses, no charge.  How many employees in your company?

What’s in it for us?  We hope to keep our team busy with supporting customers and building new relationships.

If you want to learn what P3, ScerIS and the ETCETERA® Platform can do for you, contact us at 978-218-5025 to set up a time to learn what P3, ScerIS and the ETCETERA® Platform can do to quickly help your organization.

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