A recent article in Forbes about the effects of the coronavirus and the resulting impacts on our economy projects that CIOs will experience cancellation of non-essential tech projects and hires, cuts in budgets for software & IT service providers and an acceleration of cloud transition.  Couple that with a continuously-changing landscape and at best, it’s like driving at night blindfolded with your lights off…

Our ETCETERA software is the platform for digitized document management and business process transitions that also supports remote workers, helping organizations to stem the tide of an ever changing IT landscape – and we’re currently making it available to organizations without capital or subscription cost. Morphing your team from support to innovation will help secure their future while bringing significant financial benefit to your company. Now could be the right time to make this transition as you ready the company for all hands back to work.

Interested in learning more? Contact a ScerIS representative today at 978-218-5025 to set up a time to speak with one of our experts.

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