“The coronavirus crisis has shaken up business as usual, with some IT strategies and tools rising to the occasion and others in line for a rethink or tough recovery post-pandemic.

As opposed to, say, the travel or restaurant industries, the tech sector has weathered the most disruptive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic relatively well. But that doesn’t mean that business has gone smoothly as if nothing happened — or that trends haven’t accelerated or been disrupted by the crisis.

While it’s a bit early to know whether shifts in usage and IT tactics will remain permanent, some corners of the computing business have clearly seen a boost, while others have fallen in use, suffered setbacks in the wake of lockdowns, or been called into question for the months ahead, even when workers return to the office.

Here is a look at which technology categories and strategies have benefited by the shifts caused by the COVID-19 crisis, and which are likely to be rethought post-pandemic…”

Read the entire article by Peter Wayner from CIO.com by clicking here.

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