The Hospitality “Data Soup” Dilemma

PMS, ADR, POS, AGOP, APR, GOPPAR, ROH, REVPAR are all ingredients in the hospitality data soup.

Hospitality management companies live and yes, some die by the data they collect and analyze to make their properties as efficient as possible and maximize their revenues.  Yet ownership is hardly ever a party to that data or the analysis except for monthly or quarterly financials from the management company.  The management company gets their data from multiple disparate sources like property management systems, POS systems, phone systems, calendar and scheduling systems, accounting systems, inventory management systems, facilities management and customer relationship systems.  With all that data swirling around the ether how do you collect it all, identify the key performance indicators and analyze performance from the front desk to the kitchen to the back of the house? More importantly, how do you use that data to improve the guest experience so that they want to come back and stay again?

The ingredients in the data soup are not just the financial and property reports that stream off the house systems.  They must also include paper documents like sales and catering contracts, web-centric data and other sources.  How you collect those ingredients and add them to the soup can mean the difference between a highly-performing profitable entity and a mediocre, under-performing facility.

There are very few solutions, maybe only one, that can collect all that data in an organically-created data warehouse and provide the analytics and business intelligence to turn a good property into a great property.  And that is ScerIS ETCETERA, the platform for everything else.  You have core property systems and ETCETERA provides the solution to the rest of the puzzle to make sense from your data soup.

Incorporating enterprise functionality for work process management, content management, data warehouse, BI and analytics, ETCETERA disrupts the traditional IT model of a few core enterprise solutions and a host of single-use disconnected applications that require infrastructure and support at a hefty price tag.  With ETCETERA, it replaces most of those non-integrated applications by delivering a homogeneous, integrated platform that produces significant bottom-line results.  The quiet ascension of the core enterprise delivery model first started by General Motors, has shaped the delivery of IT and generated the agility and velocity required to be successful in today’s competitive business climate.

Companies that transition their focus from maintaining core applications, users and infrastructure to an innovation incubation environment, reap almost immediate benefits from reduced costs to employee contribution escalation, delivering value across all facets of the organization.

Enjoy the soup…

Dan Furbush
Division President, ScerIS Informatics

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About the Author:

Dan Furbush

Dan Furbush has been Division President of ScerIS’ Informatics Group for over 18 years. A talented practitioner of process improvement methodologies across a wide range of industries, Mr. Furbush methodically engages customers relying on his 30 years of experience providing suggestions for refined processes, strategic analysis and solution recommendations that help to drive bottom line improvements, improved employee & customer satisfaction, growth and a competitive industry advantage.

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