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Design & Print Services

Design & Print Services

ScerIS provides Digital FULL COLOR laser custom print services that deliver superior color and value. B&W printing services are also available.

ScerIS’s Print Center uses the Xerox® 700i Digital Color Press. The Xerox® “low melt” EA (Emulsion Aggregation) toner technology uses no fuser oil, giving all print solutions a smooth offset-like finish. Advanced Xerox® color management technology with closed loop process controls enables vivid and consistent color rendition. The Adobe PDF Print Engine produces files that flow through the shop eliminating transparency problems and color matching challenges. This provides faster turnarounds and more accurate results. The Xerox® 700i Digital Color Press is recognized for outstanding color quality with Fogra certification as well as licensed by PANTONE® for spot color matching to the PANTONE Matching System, PANTONE Goe™ and PANTONE PLUS.

ScerIS economically provides low to high volume printing and with a digital color press there is no color misalignment as found on some offset printing. Customers can expect consistent high quality printing from one print run to another.

Services include:

  • High resolution full color printing
  • Sort and Collate
  • Stapling
  • Booklet (Coated, up to 100 pages)
  • Folding
  • Face Trim (edge cutting on booklets – helps provide full bleed images)
  • SquareFold® (up to 50 pages in a booklet)
  • Maximum sheet 13” X 19.2”
  • Uncoated Stock: 18lb to 110lb
  • Coated Stock: 28lb to 110lb
  • Heavyweight paper stock, transparencies, DocuMagnets, labels and tabs

For current pricing, contact print services at 978-218-5000.