Enterprise Business Intelligence

Dashboards, Visualizations and Reporting for Enterprise Performance

Business Intelligence data analytics

ETCETERA® EBI is the platform for self-service Business Intelligence with Dashboards, Visualizations and Reports for the enterprise.  The ETCETERA® EPM and ECM platforms easily accumulate relevant enterprise data into the ETCETERA® Data Warehouse.  Additionally, unite disparate data across databases for Virtual Data Warehousing and seamless presentations.

Empower Users

Built for rapid deployment and user developed dashboards (without IT), BI and data discovery helps users make data driven decisions.

Responsive Design

100% web based interface responds to the user’s behavior and environment.  Use on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Seamless Integration

Automatically normalize data acquired from multiple data sources and combine data from disparate databases in presentations.

EBI Without ETL

Business Intelligence presentations often rely on a Data Warehouse built with Extract, Translate and Load (ETL) software products. ETCETERA® EBI is different.  EBI uses data from the ETCETERA® Data Warehouse simultaneously with multiple other data sources, dynamically normalizing data and creating a Virtual Data Warehouse.  This approach eliminates the duplication of data that occurs when data from data sources is replicated in Data Warehouses and provides real time access to data across these disparate data sources.


Real time information for everyone, everywhere.  EBI dashboards are a dynamic and interactive presentation of information from multiple sources in a single view.  Comparative analysis provides valuable insights into performance trends and comparisons to plans and prior performance.  EBI empowers your users to create and distribute custom dashboards without relying on IT.


EBI reinvents the user experience with a library of prebuilt dashboards and report parts helping users develop dashboards in real time for their individual or community needs. Drag and Drop design with Global and Tile specific filtering helps users discover new patterns and trends.

  • Personalized dashboards
  • Drill down to sub visualizations, reports & details
  • Storytelling presentation mode
  • Flip tiles to view underlying reports


Create private subscriptions, schedules, and alerts and enable users to share dashboards with each other. Use Authorization Services to lock down dashboards through roles and access rights to ensure users get the right mix of features. Schedule and distribute with notifications.

  • Global and tile specific exporting
  • Print
  • Subscribe
  • Alerts


Empower users to explore data in a new way.  An extensive set of controls provides for charts, maps and gauges with “drill to detail” capabilities that provide a new experience in rapid access to relevant data with stunning visualizations that include Charts, Maps and Gauges.


Charts are an extensible HTML5 visualization framework for data.  Charts are designed through simple drag and drop interfaces and customized with comprehensive property menus.

Design controls include:

  • Line

  • Column

  • Area

  • Bar

  • Pie

  • Funnel

  • Donut

  • Combination

  • Tree Map

  • Heat Map

  • Bubble

  • Scatter

  • Waterfall

  • Sparkline

Etcetera Enterprise Business Intelligence Data Anaytics Charts


Maps provide interactive geographical data visualizations provide intelligence displayed on a world map, or by continent, country, states or provinces, county, city, postal code, or latitude/longitude.  Drill down capabilities provide the detail necessary to decisions in real-time.  Apply fields, functions and sub-reports to shading, bubbles and drill downs on interactive maps.

Etcetera Enterprise Business Intelligence - Maps


Gauges present Key Performance Indicators with conditional color formatting and drill down features that help with better data-driven decisions.

Gauges include:

  • Big Number Presentations

  • Animated Dials

  • Linear Gauges

Etcetera Enterprise Business Intelligence - Guages

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