Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse

ETCETERA Enterprise Data Warehouse

What’s the point in a Data Warehouse unless it’s a collection of data spanning the Enterprise?  Consume data from any source using configuration tools and core automation capabilities in ETCETERA® (ETC).  Data sources include any ERP, EHR, Payroll, HRIS, CRM, LIS, point solution, front end automation process and data files from SaaS providers.

  • Simplified Data Architecture
  • Easy Access for BI Visualizations and Reporting
  • Scalable as Data Volumes and User Requirements Progressively Increase
  • Extensible with Easily Added Applications Through Simple Configurations

Virtual Data Warehouse

ETCETERA Virtual Data WarehouseAvoid the replication of data in a Data Warehouse and seamlessly unite data from the ETCETERA® EDW with other data sources to provide virtualized data access with real time information for the Enterprise.

Seamlessly connect to different external repositories and data bases.  Simply point to them with the virtual layer.  Databases currently supported include:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MS Azure SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Mongo DB Enterprise

Eliminate ETL

Eliminate the time and costs associated with developing data extractions and normalizations.  Use the standard features of your core systems to output files that are consumed into ETCETERA® EDW.  Simplify, then simplify some more.

Use ETCETERA® EBI to visualize huge amounts of information in federated queries spanning the VDW. EBI normalizes data spanning data sources.

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