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Strategic Partner program

While ScerIS offers its products and services to healthcare, business and government entities of every type, your focus should be on granting the company’s software to nearly every business of every type with whom you connect.

As an example of the opportunity involved in this gift… with a minimum value of $500 per employee, your presentation of this opportunity to an organization with 1,000 employees represents a gift of $500,000 and can be more. That’s how you begin a dialog that has the potential to turn into a spectacular income opportunity. Although the software is gifted, there is software maintenance totaling $100,000 annually (just $8.33 per month per employee) and you receive 25% of this for two years which is about $50,000 ($25,000 X 2) for securing this one new client. How’s that for a phone call, email or social networking that turns into a completed transaction? Additionally, you share in other revenues including hosting services, consulting services and outsourced services.

As can be seen, this is not your typical affiliate program. This is a big-ticket WIN-WIN partnership program that can provide up to $5,000 to over $100,000 per transaction to you, our Affiliate. Come join our team and get started today.