ScerIS Pinnacle Program

Customers in the Pinnacle Program receive a license grant of its full stack ETCETERA® platform in the amount of $500 or more per full time employee. Customers may apply this amount to any mix of ETCETERA® licenses to achieve their goals.

Why is ScerIS Providing Grants of its Software Platform, ETCETERA®?

ScerIS’ primary goals in this partnership program are to:

  • deliver to each Customer an unrivalled and quantifiable benefit, and
  • become each Customer’s most valued partner


The ScerIS Pinnacle Program (SP2) is for healthcare, business and government entities of all sizes that want to realize the highest possible levels of operational performance through enterprise-wide, fully integrated information management and optimized business process management. Every organization wishing to utilize the ETCETERA® platform throughout their organization automatically qualifies for this program.

In SP2, ScerIS and the Pinnacle Program Customer (Customer) participate in a collaborative effort to plan, innovate and pursue process efficiencies that contribute to each Customer’s increased employee satisfaction, improved financial results, reduced risk and accelerated innovation. The overall goal of our combined efforts is to help customers that wish to be self-sufficient to have the tools needed to rapidly respond to their business needs and implement better processes that further improve their competitive position.

SP2 Customers typically target between $1,000 and $4,000, or more, per employee in net annualized savings. To help Customer realize these savings and an IRR exceeding 200%, ScerIS:

  • grants a license of its full stack ETCETERA® platform in the amount of $500 or more per full time employee equivalent (FTE). The total amount granted is determined exclusively by the Customer. Customers may apply this amount to any mix of ETCETERA® licenses to achieve their goals. These licenses may be deployed in the ScerIS cloud (ScerIS Global Access), in the Customer’s network or in the Customer’s cloud.
  • reduces software maintenance fees by 1 percentage point annually starting in year 3 until the software maintenance is just 15%.

This license grant is ScerIS’ initial contribution to helping SP2 Customer achieve significantly improved financial results. Valuing each Customer’s involvement, ScerIS recognizes that software support costs are not linear and passes some of the reduction in software support costs along to Customers in this program.  Both actions are unprecedented in the software industry.

ScerIS additionally offers its 30 years of innovation and deep process optimization experience to provide Customers with an array of transformative services that facilitate simplified and accountable business process improvements.


The ETCETERA® Platform has revolutionized how companies compliment their core systems by offering a single product upon which they can build any number of solutions for any department or function anywhere in their enterprise, addressing those processes and tasks that their core systems do not address. Doing so has enabled IT Departments across the country to eliminate the countless point systems and silos of technology once used to achieve the same level of enterprise spanning functionality at a fraction of the cost and effort.

SP2 Customers Enjoy the Following

Complimentary Software Licenses. ScerIS provides each Pinnacle Program Customer with a grant of software licenses of its ETCETERA® Application Platform valued at $500 or more per FTE. Each Customer determines the total amount of licensing required to fulfill their objectives and achieve their anticipated results. Besides improving internal processes, the ETCETERA® platform is used to improve processes involving third parties such as vendors, customers, patients and constituents.

License Adjustments. Once a Customer is in the Pinnacle Program, even if the program is discontinued, they will always have access to add to their software license as needed, without a license fee. A Customer in the Pinnacle Program may increase license requirements at any time to accommodate additional users or software modules and the only additional cost is software maintenance.

Truing Up. ScerIS and each Customer will evaluate licensing annually and adjust for increases or decreases in Customer’s headcount.

Software Maintenance. Software maintenance associated with gifted software licenses, in the first two years, is 20% of the list price of gifted software if paid annually or 2% if paid monthly. Therefore, if the granted value equates to $500 per FTE, the annual maintenance in the first two years is $100 per FTE if paid annually or $10 per FTE if paid monthly. Starting in year 3, annual software maintenance will decrease by 1 percentage point annually until software maintenance reaches 15%. If paying software maintenance monthly, starting in month 25 and continuing annually thereafter, monthly software maintenance will decrease by .1 percentage point until software maintenance reaches 1.5%.

Application of Licenses. Customers may choose to apply their granted value to concurrent user or named user licenses. Customers may have multiple deployments of the software and may include third parties in utilization of the software (customers, patients, vendors, etc.).

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