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Hello, I’m Jim Walckner, the President and CEO of ScerIS. I am really excited to introduce you to the most amazing income generation opportunity I’ve ever come across. It’s especially exciting because ScerIS created a program to grant software, as in gift it, to business, healthcare and government entities of all sizes. Called the “Pinnacle Program”, ScerIS helps customers avoid huge software licensing and subscription fees while providing for game changing process improvements that lead to cost reductions and much more. Presenting the Pinnacle Program to prospects helps lead sourcing partners open doors and start meaningful conversations.

ScerIS provides sales, contracting and implementation services. Together, you and ScerIS share the proceeds of any resulting sale. This is a big ticket, big income opportunity offering a maximum return for minimum effort.

I invite you to learn more about partnering with ScerIS. Let’s find out if you’re as excited about this as the rest of us!


Introduction & Invitation

Mechanics of Earning $50K per Month

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Achieve Financial Freedom

This program consists of three income generators, described below, that are designed to inspire you to achieve your inherent potential. Just add your passion capital, personal drive and energy to create a significant income stream.


Direct Revenue Sharing

A Program for Significant Income Generation

Strategic Partner program

ScerIS offers its products and services to healthcare, business and government entities of every type. Your lead sourcing should focus on the ScerIS Pinnacle Program and inviting prospects into an online meeting to learn about the company’s software grant program and the benefits of this program to the prospect.

As an example of the opportunity involved in this gift… with a minimum value of $500 per employee, your presentation of this opportunity to an organization with 500 employees represents a gift of a minimum of $250,000 and can be more. Although the software is gifted, there is software maintenance totaling $50,000 annually (just $8.33 per month per employee) and you receive 25% of this for two years which is about $25,000 ($12,500 X 2) for establishing this one new lead that becomes a new Pinnacle Program Partner with ScerIS. How’s that for a phone call, email or social networking that turns into a completed transaction? Additionally, you share in other revenues including hosting services, consulting services and outsourced services.

This is not your typical affiliate program. This is a big-ticket WIN-WIN partnership program that can provide up to $5,000 to over $100,000 per transaction to you, our lead sourcing partner. Come join our team and get started today.

Lead Sourcing Partner Recruitment

An Active/Passive Income Program

Strategic Partner program

Join us in recruiting new lead sourcing partners. Your recruiting efforts can result in a significant passive income. The sponsoring partner (that’s you) is paid 20% of the Direct Revenue Sharing fees paid to the partners you recruit.

Inflation is impacting everyone. There are like-minded individuals that want to be in business for themselves and businesses that want to increase their earnings and offset the impact of inflation. The ScerIS Lead Sourcing Partner Program is a perfect fit for them.

Sponsor individuals and businesses into the program and share in the transactions completed with these parties.

If your sponsored partner earns $10,000 per month (Direct Revenue Sharing), you (the sponsor) earn $2,000 per month. If you have sponsored 20 lead sourcing partners over time earning an average of $10,000 per month (some will earn nothing, some may earn more than $10,000 and the average paid could be anything depending on their performance), your lead sourcing partner recruitment income could be $40,000 per month.

Unattended Development
of Sub Lead Sourcing Partners

A Passive Income Program

A truly passive opportunity occurs when passive income is generated without a direct effort. Some of the lead sourcing partners you sponsor will sponsor other partners into the program. Referred to as your Sub Partners, you will be paid a fee of 10% of the fees paid for Direct Revenue Sharing to your Sub Partners.

If, over time you’ve sponsored 10 partners into the program that, each on average, has sponsored 8 new partners into the program, that will provide you with 80 sub partners. If sub partners average $10,000 per month in Direct Revenue Sharing income, you will earn $80,000 per month. Your earnings are subject to the recruiting performance of the partners you sponsor and the activity performance of sub partners.

Learn More

Learn about the Lead Sourcing Partner program in these videos. The “Review of Lead Sourcing Partner Program” provides a detailed presentation of the lead sourcing partner program with a focus on direct revenue sharing and the potential for passive income generation. The Guidance videos show what is needed to achieve $250,000 to $500,000 to $1,000,000 annually from just one program, the Pinnacle Program at ScerIS.

Review of Lead Sourcing Partner Program

Guidance for Making $250K Annually

Guidance for Making $500K Annually

Guidance for Making $1M Annually

Frequently Asked Questions

Next Step

Lead Sourcing Partner Agreement

Join us in this wonderful program to help businesses and government agencies achieve excellence in their work processes and information management. Build your income while helping others. To get started, please feel free to review our lead sourcing partner agreement to learn about Partner and ScerIS responsibilities, revenue splits and passive income generators.

Please be sure to review all 6 pages of the Partner Agreement by using the controls at the top left of the viewer in the window that open below.

By filling out and submitting the form below you attest to have read the above agreement in its entirety.

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Signing this form in the signature block below shall have the same legal effect as if such signature had been manually written on such Agreement.

Please note that upon completion of your first customer transaction, if you do not have a partner affiliation, you will be required to complete a W9 Form and provide bank routing and account information to ScerIS for future direct deposit payments.

NOTE: Your registration is not complete until all required fields above have been filled out and you have clicked on the button below.

Income Opportunities Are
Closer Than You Think

Strategic Partner program

Strategic Partner program

Strategic Partner program

Strategic Partner program

Strategic Partner program

Strategic Partner program

Your connections are looking for process improvements and awaiting your call. Supported by ScerIS Subject Matter Experts, you will offer insight to new possibilities.

Your connections are also looking for additional income for multiple reasons. Your introduction to the Lead Sourcing Partner Program may be the life saver they’ve been unable to find, until now, until you.