Strategic Business Partner

A ScerIS Strategic Business Partner has the unique opportunity to favorably impact businesses of all types. ScerIS has developed a software platform, ETCETERA®, that helps optimize business processes while also replacing traditional silo software products and ERP customizations, saving organizations of all types significant portions of their IT budgets. Given ETCETERA’s significant ROI, businesses using the ETCETERA® platform are repositioning internal resources to bring greater value to the company and to their financial performance.

A Strategic Business Partner (SBP) is a Professional Sales Organization responsible for developing new business opportunities for ScerIS. Accomplishing a targeted volume and product mix requires the development of a team of agents who facilitate new business development (Development Partners) and the development of lead referrals from customers (Business Referral Partners). Your efforts are supported by ScerIS subject matter experts who are available to assist in new business development. The ScerIS/SBP model is a team approach to securing new business and achieving mutually satisfactory success.

Unlike a franchise or license arrangement, there are no upfront fees or subsequent monthly fees to the SBP. ScerIS and SBP share the revenue of SBP developed transactions based on a formula. The formula is enhanced for the first three years of the SBP relationship to help the SBP achieve minimum top line of $750,000, $1,500,000 and $2,500,000 for years 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

All business management, consulting services, implementation services, billing, and credit and collections are handled by ScerIS.

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