Income Program for Recruiters & Staffing Firms

Surviving the Economic Impact of Pandemics and Recessions

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Make Your Market

Strong markets provide for placement opportunities. However recessions create income chasms that are perilous for recruiting and staffing companies. To overcome this and replace lost income, as a recruiting and staffing company, you need to “Make Your Market”.

The Partner Program at ScerIS is specifically designed for recruiting and staffing companies and presents a method for replacing lost income while creating new opportunities for placements that otherwise didn’t exist. This program works during economic booms as well as economic recessions, but works particularly well right now, during this pandemic, because of an extraordinary step taken by ScerIS.

Meet Jim Walckner our CEO in this video and find out what this can mean to you and your recruiting/staffing company:

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Benefits to our Recruiting/Staffing Company Partners

Benefits to our Recruiting/Staffing Company Partner:

  • Your Efforts from Now Through March 2021 Will Result in an Income Stream for up to Three Years.
  • Revenue Sharing Provides Approximately $200 Per Client Employee Headcount to the Recruiting/Staffing Company Partner. This includes fees for ScerIS staff placement.
  • Making a Market by Facilitating Business Transactions Creates an Opportunity for Placements at ScerIS.
  • Making a Market Creates an Opportunity for New Placements at Client Companies.
  • For each 500 Person Company Experiencing the Full Enterprise Class Implementation of the Software Platform, the Recruiting/Staffing Company Partner Should Receive Approximately $100,000 (that’s about $200 per employee).

If each recruiter facilitates three (3) enterprise transactions with companies averaging 500 employees, each recruiter will produce approximately $300,000 in additional income to the recruiting/staffing company, with an upside provided by recruiting services for ScerIS open positions and new customer positions.

Qualifier: There is a limit to the number of new clients that ScerIS can accommodate, and the software grant program may be terminated early due to over subscription.

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Software Grant

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ScerIS is the developer of ETCETERA®, the cornerstone technology for business. It’s the platform that connects people and processes in alignment with business goals.

At times like this, the best companies surface to be truly helpful. The Partner Program designed for recruiting/staffing companies helps the ultimate customer, their employees, their shareholders, ScerIS and the recruiting/staffing company partner. Everyone wins.

In ScerIS’ software grant program which is currently in place and ends in March 2021, ScerIS provides unlimited user licenses of its core platform to businesses of all types and sizes without a software license fee. Your introduction of ScerIS will help your clients simplify IT, simplify business processes and significantly reduce costs.