The ScerIS Pinnacle Program (SP2) is for businesses that want to realize the highest possible levels of operational performance through enterprise-wide, fully-integrated information management and optimized process management. In SP2, ScerIS and the Pinnacle customer (Customer) participate in a collaborative effort to plan, innovate and pursue process efficiencies that contribute to the Customer’s increased employee satisfaction, improved financial results, reduced risk and accelerated innovation.

SP2 customers target between $500 and $2,500 per employee in net annualized savings. ScerIS grants licensing of its full stack no code ETCETERA® platform valued at $50,000 plus $250 per full time employee to launch each Customer’s savings realization while also demonstrating ScerIS’ initial contribution to a long- term relationship. Providing an array of transformative services, ScerIS facilitates simplified and accountable business processes while delivering significant value to every Customer.

ScerIS’ primary goal in this partnership is to deliver unrivaled quantifiable benefit to every Customer and become their most valued partner.


ScerIS helps Customers identify and address the inefficiencies accumulated over time with application sprawl, infrastructure sprawl, utilization of multiple SaaS offerings, core system customizations, multiple managed services vendors, a plethora of IT vendors and other service vendors.

The benefits are achieved through application consolidation and work simplification while avoiding future costs with more vendors and more silos, refocusing organizationally on delivering solutions from a single platform that engages employees, reduces risks, reduces costs and seamlessly fulfills other requirements described by the Customer.

Accomplishing this change starts with determining where you are, creating the plan for where you want to be and executing on that plan.


Each SP2 begins with ScerIS and Customer co-managing the development of the Customer’s new vision for optimized business processes, information management, business process intelligence and integrated systems and processes. Starting with departmental and information technology surveys that accumulate data about “now” and about “where we want to be”, ScerIS assists the Customer in the identification of opportunities and in the development of the Customer’s strategic vision to achieve the following:

  • Accountable and Transparent Business Processes
  • Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation
  • Simplified Information Technology
  • Significant Enterprise Cost Reduction (Operating Expenses)
  • Future Cost Avoidance (Capital and Operating Expenses)
  • Accelerated Solution Delivery (without Capital Investment)
  • Targeted Focus on the Right Priorities
  • Improved Security, Compliance, Reduced Risk
  • Sustainable Practices, and
  • Much More

Customers in SP2 Enjoy the Following


Complimentary Software Licenses. ScerIS provides each Customer with a grant of software licenses of its Full Stack No Code Application Platform valued at $50,000 plus $250 per employee. Customers may apply this value to ETCETERA® platform modules as desired and may also apply these discounts to Software Subscriptions (call for details).

# Employees Complimentary Software Value*
100 $75,000
500 $175,000
1,000 $300,000
2,500 $675,000
5,000 $1,300,000
10,000 $2,550,000

*or Equivalent Subscription

Additional Software Licenses. For software licenses in excess of the software granted under this program, software licenses are available to SP2 Customers with a 25% discount. Customer may apply this discount to Software Subscriptions (call for details).

Replacement Licensing – Trade-Up. Customers retiring document management, business process management, workflow or business intelligence software and replacing it with ECM, EPM or EBI from ETCETERA® may apply the license fees paid to up to 50% of the discounted ETCETERA® licensing if those software licenses are covered by a current software maintenance agreement or up to 25% of the discounted ETCETERA® licensing if third party software licenses are NOT covered by a current software maintenance agreement. Customer may apply this trade-in value of retired software to Software Subscriptions (call for details).

Consulting/Managed Services/Cloud Infrastructure/Business Process Outsourcing. ScerIS provides a wide range of quality services to SP2 Customers at discounted rates.

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