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Earn Fees Promoting

ScerIS Products and Services

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ScerIS provides the most dynamic, flexible and accommodating business solutions and services available.

Promotion of ScerIS Products and Services is a TEAM SPORT. Your introductions to new opportunities and the facilitation of a sales process is supported by ScerIS Subject Matter Experts. This team effort leads to sales that benefit all parties.


  • Provides Subject Matter Expertise to assist Strategic Partner in deal making.
  • Is a resource to 16 major markets and over 100 sub-markets for automation and business process solutions, cloud based offerings and business process optimization (BPO).
  • Provides manged cloud services, professional services and outsourced services.
  • Is the developer of ETCETERA, the software platform disrupting a $400B marketplace (read the white paper here).
  • Developed ETCETERA to be the platform for this, that and nearly everything else.
  • Has also used the ETCETERA Platform to configure turnkey capabilities. Learn more about ETCETERA HRMS, the Platform for digitizing and the digital transformation of Human Resources, as a turnkey example here.

Strategic Partners

  • Provide the identification of prospects for ScerIS Products and Services.
  • Facilitate and complete the sales process with the support of ScerIS Subject Matter Experts.
  • Productize the ETCETERA Platform to industries or business processes in their comfort zone.

Opportunity Example

One of hundreds of uses for the ETCETERA Platform is ETCETERA HRMS for HR Departments. ETCETERA HRMS is available for on-premises systems or hosted systems and may include consulting services and document conversion services.

Open Network Strategic Partners collect a 25% fee for ETCETERA Software as a Service (SaaS with hosted services).

A typical hosted environment solution runs between $400 and $6,000 per month depending on the size of the organization and the application of the ETCETERA Platform. This produces commissions totaling between $2,400 and $36,000 per deal.

In addition to this, clients use the ScerIS Service Center to digitize and index paper records helping them achieve a paperless status. ScerIS Strategic Partners receive fees on these and other activities.

For the full fee structure, contact a ScerIS Channel Manager at 978-218-5000.


The Questions

Identifying prospects can be easy – just ask a few questions:

Do you still have paper files, anywhere? ETCETERA provides for the management of digitized records. ScerIS provides digitization services to get organizations to “paperless”.

Do you still have paper based business processes, anywhere? ETCETERA provides for the configuration of automated online applications, workflows and image/document enabled business processes.

Do you need access to business intelligence that helps you better manage the company? ETCETERA includes Business Intelligence tools that seamlessly aggregate key performance indicators (KPI) from across disparate data sources.

Do you have end of life software products? There’s a need to keep the data from the old system as well as build the replacement for that system on a platform that’s shared and leveraged across the enterprise – that’s ETCETERA.

Do you have compliance issues to address that pertain to information or records management? ETCETERA is the platform for consuming management information, including information that is not human readable and turning it into a valuable corporate resource.

Are you changing ERPs or other core enterprise products such as an EMR, LIS, etc? Use ETCETERA to minimize the cost of the new enterprise software implementations – avoid returning to the same problems that may have required the purchase of a new enterprise software product, such as customization’s that could not be supported.

Are you looking to reduce IT spending? ETCETERA is the platform that replaces silos of technology and helps organizations avoid future silo purchases, reduces ERP customization’s, and helps IT organizations achieve greater safeguards for their environment.

Do you have an existing document management product that isn’t meeting your needs? ScerIS provides a “trade up” opportunity for organizations that acquired traditional software licenses. New customers can apply all of their licensed purchase towards the ETCETERA platform for up to 50% off the license of ETCETERA (does not apply to Software as a Service offerings).