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Partnering with ScerIS

Provide your customers with additional tools and value-added services that dramatically improve their business processes and resulting financial performance, further ensuring a long-term relationship.

Drive additional margin:

  • Expand service offerings and drive additional recurring revenue with existing customers.
  • Use ScerIS special offers to secure new customers for your core services
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Strategic Initiatives

Other than “business as usual”, what plan does your organization have to dramatically increase revenue and profitability? Work with ScerIS to gain insight to increasing gross recurring billings by up to $30,000 or more per employee, compounded yearly.

Imagine, in just three years, by adding ScerIS software to your services platform, in addition to your growth plans, you added $90,000 in gross billings per employee in that year, maybe more.

Why a ScerIS Partnership?

Why are ScerIS customers nearly always long-term customers? And why do they expand their use of the ScerIS tech platform throughout their business?

First, ScerIS treats customers as partners. Our goal is to maximize the value of our products and services. Second, our technology provides the platform on which they can manage all business processes not effectively represented in their ERP/EHR/LIS/FMS or other core system, without the need for multiple technology silos, multiple applications or difficult to support customizations to their core enterprise applications.

At ScerIS, while technology and services are important, doing the right thing by the customer trumps everything else. While our competitors have come up with methodologies to maximize what they extract from a customer, our approach is just the opposite – it’s about value and our customer’s profitability. This has been an outstanding model on which we’ve built ScerIS.

A few examples:

  • While some competitors have eliminated their concurrent user license model and moved to a “named user” license model, ScerIS has maintained a concurrent user model, both for on-premises and cloud-based installations. Why charge for named users when a small fraction of that number is usually all that’s needed to support the customer’s requirements. And, it’s concurrent usage that drives resource demand – so why force customers to pay for all-time access for all users, when very few actually need access all the time. Concurrent usage drives demand. Our partners that promote concurrent user licenses and subscriptions will always win over organizations charging by user.
  • As software developers with traditional software license models move into subscriptions, their models usually have the customer paying more from the 28th to the 34th month on. While at ScerIS, after the fifth year our subscription prices drop by 60% representing an adjustment for absorbing traditional license fees. Once absorbed, why keep charging for them. Our partners that promote subscription costs that are reduced after 5 years are working with a winning model.
  • Many software developers offering subscriptions have built-in fixed annual escalations. Imagine, after 5 years with compounded increases, a customer of these companies is paying 27.5% more. After 10 years they are paying 62% more. While working with ScerIS their subscription costs went DOWN by 60%. ScerIS is the ONLY company in the ECM/EPM arena with subscriptions that go down after the 5th year, reflecting absorption of the initial license fee in the subscription. The ONLY company!

Being a true partner with customers ensures long term relationships and helps avoid customer churn. When considering the cost of acquiring a new customer, it’s important to understand the long-term value and potential of a relationship and not focus exclusively on the immediate term.


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ScerIS partners with an ecosystem of service providers including MSOs and consulting firms. ScerIS provides software products offering functionality that’s core to nearly every type of business. These products can augment the products and services offered by our partners. Additionally, for partners seeking BPO outsourcing services for their clients, ScerIS’ US-based BPO team provides a wide array of services.

ScerIS licensees and subscribers are in nearly every type of business and at sizes from just several employees to over 125,000 employees.