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Strategic Partner Placement

Earn 20% in years 1, 2, 3 and beyond…

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Do you know any recruiters? Introduce fellow Professional Recruiters to the ScerIS Strategic Partner Program. Their success in the program will reflect in your success. You will earn a placement fee on fees paid to these Strategic Partners of 20%. You will continue to earn a 20% fee for as long as the Strategic Partner earns fees for their promotion of ScerIS. This could apply to a couple years, perhaps 10 years or more, all depending on the successful promotion of the Products and Services offered to HR departments by the recruiters you introduce to the Strategic Partner Program. This program is also not limited to just recruiters – so you are free to invite other professionals outside your recruiting network to participate if you choose.

Unparalleled Income Opportunity

For every placement you make, you will earn 20% of the fees paid to that Strategic Partner for HRMS product and service sales.

For every five placements, you will earn the average of the fees paid to the 5 Strategic Partners. Place 10 recruiters into the program and earn twice the average of the fees paid to the 10 Business Partners, and so on. It’s just math.

How many other recruiters do you know across the USA and Canada? Are they likely to have access to HR Managers and Directors that you don’t know? Will their success provide you with an income stream that would not otherwise exist?

Income Stream Example

Number of Recruits into the Strategic Partner Program: 10
Average Monthly Fees Earned by Each Recruit: 03,500
Total fees Paid Monthly to Recruits: $ 35,000
Your Fee for Professional Recruiter Placements: 20%
Monthly Fees Paid to You for the Initial Introduction
That Resulted in a Strategic Partner Relationship:

Introduce just 1 recruiter per week to the program and have 50 Recruits helping to build your monthly fee. If these 50 recruiters averaged the fees shown above, your monthly fee for your initial one-time effort to make an introduction could be $35,000 per month.

Note: this is an example only – your fees will be based on the success of the recruiters you introduce to the ScerIS Strategic Partner Program.

The Bonus

What we haven’t told you is that ScerIS Products and Services are promoted to 16 major markets, and over 100 subordinate markets and that these products are used throughout an organization to address multiple business processes, not just processes in HR. Each Business Partner has the opportunity to turn their ScerIS relationship into a significant income engine, one that is producing income in three ways.

  1. Promoting ScerIS Solutions and Services.
  2. Introducing Other Recruiters to the ScerIS Business Partner Program.
  3. Introducing Candidates to ScerIS for Hire.