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Recruit for ScerIS

Find the Brightest & Best for ScerIS | 30% Equivalent Fee

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As demand for ScerIS products and services grows, so will the demand for additional talent to serve customers throughout North America.

ScerIS corporate offices are approximately 20 miles west of Boston, MA, with ScerIS employees also currently located in Maryland, Michigan and New York. Additional offices will be opening that continue to put consulting services and professional services closer to the customer. Recruiting for additional talent will be needed to support increasing demand.


Unparalleled Placement Fee

Contingency Recruiters usually collect a fee based on a percentage of the first-year compensation. They don’t get the benefit of salary increases or special bonuses. At ScerIS we partner with recruiters and provide a 15% fee applied to compensation paid to their employee placements over a two-year period (shorter if the employee’s employment ends before two years). This placement fee is paid monthly based on total compensation paid to the employee in the previous month.

If the employee’s compensation remained the same throughout the two year period, then the commission paid to the recruiter is comparable to a 30% commission paid on the first year’s compensation (15% per year for 2 years). However, since the fee is calculated on current compensation across 24 months which includes salary increases, bonuses and other compensation, the effective (one-year) fee percentage is closer to 35% to 40%.

Not only does this subscription fee work for the recruiter, it works for ScerIS. Both parties are vested in a great outcome.

The Bonus

Many types of businesses have transitioned from up-front fees to monthly fees, have you? In technology companies, traditional license sales have been replaced by subscriptions and SaaS offerings. It’s a difficult transition, but one that often provides an upside. Proposing terms or providing a subscription type fee arrangement with your clients may prove to make you their preferred recruiter. Increasing your business volume might help you overcome the initial effect of changing your fee schedule, and if you do the math you might find that this produces a substantially greater income. A hybrid approach that might include a larger upfront fee or a small retainer with the remainder of the fee calculated monthly over a two-year period could also be another consideration.

Let’s be clear – companies aren’t transitioning from up-front fees to monthly fees with an expectation of making less. How about you?