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ScerIS Strategic Partner Program for Recruiters

3 New Income Streams | Up to 50% Fees

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Become a ScerIS Strategic Partner

ScerIS has created unprecedented opportunities for Strategic Partners for long term financial security. Learn how recruiters benefit from 3 new income stream opportunities that require minimal time and minimal effort.

No Investment
Easy to Learn
Recurring Income Formula


Opportunities for Recurring Revenue

Connect with a ScerIS Channel Representative and learn how to increase your Net Recurring Revenue (NRR) by $1,000, $2,000 or even $15,000 or more each month.

Income Opportunity 1
HRMS Products and Services

Up to 50% Fee

Learn how to promote the ETCETERA HRMS to your existing HR contacts with a simple question or two.

Income Opportunity 2
New Partner Placement

20% Forever

Place professional recruiters into the Strategic Partner Program and receive 20% placement fee, year after year.

Income Opportunity 3
Recruit for ScerIS Employees

30% Placement Fee

ScerIS pays recruiters on total compensation paid to placements for two years, resulting in greater fees.