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ETCETERA HRMS Products and Services

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Promotion of HRMS Products and Services is a TEAM SPORT. Your introductions to HR leadership and facilitation of a sales process is supported by ScerIS Subject Matter Experts. This team effort can lead to sales that benefit all parties.

ScerIS has the most dynamic, flexible and accommodating Human Resource Management System (HRMS) available.  Learn about the ETCETERA HRMS at www.sceris.com/etceterahr-hrms.

ETCETERA is a software platform envisioned and developed by ScerIS. It is used to configure solutions to hundreds of business processes. The processes in HR are but a few of those solutions.

ScerIS Provides…
•  Digitization of HR documents with its ETCETERA ECM Platform (getting HR Paperless).
•  Digital transformation of HR with its ETCETERA EPM Platform (replacing HR Paper processes).
•  Conversion of HR documents to digital format.
Strategic Partners Provide…
•  Identification of prospects for HRMS Products and Services.
•  Facilitation of the sales process.
Identifying candidates is easy – just ask a few questions…
•  Do you still have paper personnel or other HR documents or files that you want to convert to digital format?
•  Do you have some processes that are paper based that you want online?
•  Do you have some processes that are not adequately supported by some system your using?

The Opportunity

ETCETERA HRMS is available for on-premises systems or hosted systems and may include consulting services and document conversion services.

Contingency Recruiters usually collect a fee based on a percentage of the first-year compensation of a placement. With ScerIS, the fee for ETCETERA Software as a Service (SaaS with hosted services) is the equivalent of 50% of the first year’s activity. This is paid out as 25% of payment receipts across two years. As the customer’s costs increase during this period, so do the fees paid to ScerIS Recruiter Strategic Partners.

A typical hosted environment for the digitization of HR records including personnel and other document types is between $400 and $3,000 per month depending on the size of the organization and the number of client employees requiring access to the system. This produces commissions totaling between $2,400 and $18,000 per deal.

In addition to this, clients use the ScerIS Service Center to digitize and index paper records helping them achieve a paperless status. ScerIS Recruiter Strategic Partners receive fees on these and other activities. For the full fee structure, contact a ScerIS Channel Manager at 978-218-5000.

HRMS Products

Enhance Your Contacts

You have direct relationships with numerous HR Managers and Directors that result in contracts to find qualified candidates. There are HR Managers and Directors that will never place a contract with you. Those Managers and Directors and the many you meet in the future may place a higher value on your potential for contributing to their success with your introduction to the ETCETERA HRMS Platform.