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The ScerIS Strategic Partner Program was designed for people who desire the financial freedom to live life on their own terms. This program represents an unprecedented business opportunity for income production, peace of mind, financial freedom and recurring revenue that can last a lifetime and help you reach your peak success.

It consists of three significant income generators designed to inspire you to achieve your inherent potential. Just add your passion capital, personal drive and energy to create a thriving business.


General Revenue Sharing

A Program for Significant Income Generation 

Strategic Partner program

Businesses provide products or services, or products and services. ScerIS offers its products and services to nearly every business of every type. The company’s product platforms are client agnostic, meaning that they are configurable for nearly any unique client requirement. The company’s services also include hosting services (in the Cloud) and business process outsourcing. There is competition in each of these categories, but the company differentiates its offerings with bundled comprehensive solutions and services. This makes ScerIS a RESOURCE to its clients, and this is one of the major differentiators for ScerIS and a Strategic Partner (SP).

For the ETCETERA® Software, ETCETERA® Software Maintenance and Managed Software as a Service (MSaaS), ScerIS pays 25% of the sale to the Strategic Partner (refer to the SP Agreement for details on this and other revenue sharing details). This is not your typical affiliate program. This is a big-ticket WIN-WIN partnership program that can provide up to $5,000 to over $100,000 per transaction to the Strategic Partner.

Partner Recruitment

A Forever Active/Passive Income Program

Strategic Partner program

Your efforts today can result in a significant passive income tomorrow. There are like-minded individuals and businesses that want to increase their earnings and increase their net worth or the value of their business, and the ScerIS 5-Income Generator Program is a perfect fit for them.

Strategic Partners sponsor partners into the program and share in the transactions completed with these partners, forever. The sponsoring partner is paid 20% of the General Revenue Sharing fees paid to the partners they recruited.

In essence, the sponsor earns the average paid to 5 partners they sponsored. If a sponsored partner earns $10,000 per month, on average, from General Revenue Sharing, and there are 5 sponsored partners, the sponsor earns $10,000 per month. If the SP has sponsored 40 partners over time, they are earning 8X the average earned by the partners they’ve sponsored for General Revenue Sharing. If their partners are each earning $10,000 per month, that means that the SP is earning $80,000 per month.

Unattended Development
of Sub Partners

A Forever Passive Income Program

Strategic Partner program

A truly passive opportunity occurs when passive income is generated without a direct effort. The partners you sponsor will sponsor other partners into the program. Referred to as your Sub Partners, you will be paid a fee of 10% of the fees paid to your Sub Partners for General Revenue Sharing.

If, over time you’ve sponsored 10 individuals into the program, and on average, each of them has sponsored 4 new partners into the program, that will provide you with 40 sub partners. If sub partners average $10,000 per month in General Revenue Sharing income, you will earn $40,000 per month.

Next Steps

FAQ & Partner Agreement

Build your business opportunity with ScerIS. To get started, please feel free to review our frequently asked questions section and our partner agreement to learn about Partner and ScerIS responsibilities, revenue splits and other income generators.

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Partner Agreement

Income Opportunities Are
Closer Than You Think

Strategic Partner program

Strategic Partner program

Strategic Partner program

Strategic Partner program

Strategic Partner program

Strategic Partner program

Your connections are looking for process improvements and awaiting your call. Supported by ScerIS Subject Matter Experts, you will offer insight to new possibilities.

Your connections are also looking for additional income for multiple reasons. Your introduction to the Strategic Partner Program may be the life saver they’ve been unable to find, until now, until you.