Lead Sourcing Partner Program

Frequently Asked Questions

As part of your participation, we will provide a number of resources that can be used in email or direct mail marketing programs as well as messages for social media campaigns. This program offers a quick-start opportunity because ScerIS participates with you in each of the prospect opportunities you’re pursuing and is your resource for subject matter expertise, presentations, proposals, contracts, and the ultimate delivery of solutions and services to customers.

All compensation information is detailed in the Lead Sourcing Partner Agreement. For the most part you will receive a portion of billings submitted to the customer for 18 months and will be paid after receipt of payment, even if payment occurs after 18 months.

The adage of getting out what you put in applies here but we never like to confuse results with effort. If you can achieve your income goals as a part-time side hustle, we welcome you into the program. If this proves out to be a lucrative opportunity, you’ll likely migrate to a full-time involvement, build a team and build a recurring income opportunity.

The Lead Sourcing Partner Program is open to corporate entities, partnerships, sole proprietorships and individuals.

Customers use our professional services group for implementation, training and knowledge transfer. We charge for these services at our normal rates. We share revenue from these services with our lead sourcing partners.

Generally, partners do not need to know how to use ETCETERA software although you can get a good sense of how it works from our videos. Your mission is to introduce ScerIS and the Pinnacle Program to as many qualified companies as possible. Do you have the skill set to introduce our Pinnacle Program, which offers a license to our software free of a licensing fee, to organizations that can benefit from the software? If so, you might be very successful.

The ETCETERA® platform is a no-code solution used throughout any business or government enterprise and can be used for “everything else”, hence the name. Typically, organizations have multiple single-use applications employed for the processes that fall outside of their core systems. Those applications, with their attendant costs for hardware, user licenses, support and maintenance, can be retired and replaced by ETCETERA® with its functionality of enterprise content management, enterprise process management and workflow. With ETCETERA® our customers build what they need and build solutions in the way that users want, not the way the other systems dictate. Whatever our customers envision, together we can actualize it.

Yes, there is an agreement available for your review on your sponsors page.

You will see the prohibited activities in Section 5 of the Lead Sourcing Partner Agreement.

New customers are the heartbeat of a company. With our lead sourcing partners we uncover business opportunities that would never have otherwise materialized for the company. We are certainly strategically important to one another and our shared successes, and to our mutual customers.

ScerIS provides support to customers using the ETCETERA® software platform, outsourced scanning services, lockbox processing of transactions, cloud services and hosting services.