Expense Report Processing

ETCETERA® provides for enormous flexibility in the design and function of online T&E reports and other travel related applications including Approval for Travel requests, Approval for Spending Discrepancies, Travel Advance, Mileage Reimbursement and any other travel or A/P related report or request. Receipt images are added to online reports and requests from mobile devices or PCs.

NOTE: Customers participating in the ScerIS Pinnacle Program are granted $500 or more per employee in ETCETERA® Platform software. This is our contribution towards establishing a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship. This program helps our customers continuously pursue business process improvements that lead to additional savings.

Automated Processing of Credit Card Data: Credit card detail data can be imported and can automatically create online Purchase Expense requests that are placed in the credit card holder’s work queue for payment authorizations and any additional account coding that may be required. The platform provides for routing these reports and requests for additional approvals per customer’s internal spend limit authorizations.

AUI Design: Expense reports and other applications are configured and deployed to customer requirements. ScerIS provides direction for best practices and insights based on work with prior customers.

Coding: Expense reports provide for automated coding based on expense items selected. Company and department codes are defaulted based on the employee’s profile but can be modified at the individual expense item to charge other departments when applicable. Account coding aligns with each customer’s chart of accounts.

Mileage Reimbursement Calculations: Mileage reimbursement calculations are aligned with customer rules, which sometimes include a mileage reduction field to align with IRS regulations.

Workflows and Work Queues: T&E’s and other in process applications remain in the employee’s work queue until completed. Automated notifications and escalations alert approvers to pending work items.

Data Files: Using the ETCETERA® data output configuration tool “Post to Host”, data output is configured to customer requirements and available through SFTP or in the customer’s online repository.


Delivered on-premises or in the cloud, the ETCETERA® platform provides for A/P processes including T&E reports. The AUI (application for each interface) is configured to align with the unique requirements of each customer. Documents can be staged by the creator or downstream by any reviewer or approver. Coding for line item detail can be automated based on expense item selection and mileage reimbursements are automatically calculated. Data output files for completed transactions meet customer specific requirements for formatting, typically in csv or ANSI X12 formats, but any format requirement is accommodated. Receipts are easily attached to expense reports, as are other documents that may be attached to other items such as a Travel Request AUI.

Other A/P Uses: A/P can use the system to manage W-9s and tax exemption certificates and the system can be configured to automatically request updated tax exemption certificates. The ETCETERA® platform is also used for Vendor Invoice Processing, Check Requests, Payment Requests, Customer Refund Request, Returned Goods – Debit Memo Request, Request for Expedited Payment, Request to Delay a Payment, Request for Vendor Invoice Copy, Request for Check Copy, Request Vendor ID, Request Invoices for State Use Tax Audit, Request Invoices for External Auditors, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization, Lost/stolen P-Card Notification, Request for Domestic Wire Transfer, Request for an International Wire Transfer, W-9 Receipt Acknowledgement, W-8BEN Receipt Acknowledgement and myriad other A/P processes. ETCETERA® can also automatically import, index and store A/P print files such as agings, check runs, master vendor lists, etc. Storing print files includes form overlays (such as for 1099s).

Automated Self Sign Feature: Approvers, who by their AD/SAML SSO or logged in name, can auto-sign their approvals with a single click (Self Sign feature).

Managing Accruals: In-process expense report data can be extracted for month-end, quarter-end and year-end accruals.