ScerIS® is a 27 year old company delivering a broad range of transformative technologies and services for significantly improved business process management and resulting financial performance. In a world of continuously increasing complexity ScerIS has become a preferred resource for increasing IT’s value while achieving process, departmental and enterprise-wide operational excellence.

Pinnacle Partner Program

The Pinnacle Partner Program (P3) is a powerful alternative to traditional vendor/customer transactions. P3 creates a strategic relationship designed to help ScerIS’ customers achieve the highest level of success. ScerIS’ primary goal in this partnership is to bring each Pinnacle Partner unequaled value earning recognition as their most valued partner.

One of the many ways in which ScerIS initially demonstrates its commitment to a successful long-term relationship with its partners in P3 is with the grant of a complimentary perpetual license to ScerIS’ full stack, no code software platform, ETCETERA®, valued at $50,000 plus $250 per full-time employee.

Participation in P3 results in:

  • Simplified Information Technology
  • Accountable and Transparent Business Processes
  • Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation
  • Significant Enterprise Cost Reduction (Operating Expenses)
  • Future Cost Avoidance (Capital and Operating Expenses)
  • Accelerated Solution Delivery (without Capital Investment)
  • Targeted Focus on the Right Priorities
  • Improved Security, Compliance, Reduced Risk
  • Sustainable Practices, and
  • Much More


Corporate Partners