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Gartner CIO Survey regarding top barriers to digital transformation


insufficient funding and budgets
to pay for digitization efforts

Join the ScerIS Pinnacle
Program to overcome
funding challenges


technology challenges are
blocking change

Start with the economical
ETCETERA® MSaaS to clear
the way


insufficient depth/breadth
of digital skills

Use ScerIS technology and
expertise to rapidly deliver

Join the ScerIS Pinnacle Program

ScerIS helps customers overcome funding issues with a license grant of $500 or more per FTE.

Customers may apply their grant to any mix of ETCETERA® licenses to achieve their goals.

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ETCETERA® – The Platform for Everything Else

Definition of Etcetera: Translated literally from Latin, et means ‘and’, while cētera means ‘the rest’; thus Etcetera translates to ‘and the rest (of such things)’. Our translation is “for Everything Else”.

ETCETERA® has quickly become the low-code/no-code platform of choice for digital transformations

Enabling the Digital Office

ETCETERA Platform - Enterprise Content Management Module

High Speed Browser Based Scanning
Database Management
SVG Viewer (>100 File Types)
Tabbed Presentation Viewing
Extend Access to Vendors, Customers or Constituency

One Platform
Enterprise System
Powering Productivity
Every Business Process
Every Department
Every Industry

Building Enterprise Applications

ETCETERA Platform - Enterprise Process Management Module

Application Development
One Place for Dozens of Applications
Manage Work in Activity Queues
Dynamic Application User Interfaces (AUI)
Workflow – Ad Hoc and Rules Based
Automatically Generate Application
User Interfaces

Automating Document Selection, Assembly and Delivery

Dynamically Assemble Complex Document Sets
Manage Delivery Requirements by Recipient Company
Manage Document Requirements by Recipient User
Deliver Digitized Documents by Email Relay
Print and Mail

Robotic Process Automation

Automatically Ingests Data
Automatically Ingests Documents
Batch Creator
Automated Email Extraction
Export Customized Data Files

Solution Examples

ScerIS customers rely on our vertical expertise and the ETCETERA® platform to deliver greater business process controls and efficiencies hosted on-premises or in the ScerIS cloud.

Our passion for innovation and technical discovery drives us to help customers imagine the possibilities and endeavor to optimize their business’ efficiencies.

Vendor Invoice Processing

Capture, automated dynamic data extraction, workflows and work queues, document repository, print file management, vendor portals and data files for ERP, with or without outsourced services.

Expense Management

Online T&E expense forms include item identification for rebilling to customers. Credit card charges automatically generate online expense forms for charge review and payment authorizations.

Performance Reviews

Designed to your requirements and implemented by your internal IT staff or ScerIS resources, these online forms can be as simple or comprehensive as desired, contributing data for analysis and reporting.

Time & Attendance

Manage all accountable time including requests for time off. If using an electronic time clock, integrate the data into this environment to provide management with one Time & Attendance environment for all employees.

By Department

While there are similarities in the requirements of departments across industries, many differences remain with departmental requirements unique to each industry, and unique to the core ERP, EHR or other application used by the customer. Without exception, ScerIS systems and services accommodate that uniqueness.

By Industry

Each industry has unique business process or compliance requirements. The ETCETERA® Platform was designed to easily accommodate those industry differences while ScerIS resources provide system configuration and outsourced services to augment and complement customer’s internal resources.

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