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To assist healthcare, business and government entities in their recovery from the financial effects of COVID-19, ScerIS is granting licenses to the ETCETERA® Software Platform, free from any license fee, now and forever, for any licenses acquired through October 31, 2021.

“In March 2020 our board of directors approved of granting up to $200 million in software licenses through March 31, 2021, but with the resurgence of COVID-19 in the fall of 2020 our board revisited the grant program and subsequently authorized doubling the amount of software available to $400 million and extending the period during which businesses and government entities could take advantage of the program to October 31, 2021,” said Jim Walckner, ScerIS President & CEO.

Meet Jim Walckner in the video below to learn how ScerIS is helping organizations recover from the negative financial impact of this pandemic stronger, healthier and better positioned for future success.

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Your One Stop Resource

ScerIS® is a 28 year old company delivering a broad range of transformative technologies and services for significantly improved business process management and resulting financial performance. In a world of continuously increasing complexity ScerIS has become a preferred resource for increasing IT’s value while achieving process, departmental and enterprise-wide operational excellence.

Simplifying IT

IT simplification began in large companies when CIO’s consolidated servers, applications, licensing and support to more efficiently address orphan processes and deliver IT services. To accomplish this they adopted a holistic approach, utilizing their core systems and a multi-discipline platform to replace single use applications. The result is a lower cost, highly efficient, agile, innovative technology landscape that meets 100% of today’s requirements and plans for future needs. IT employees transition from Help Desk tasks to innovation purveyors for the IT ecosystem, skyrocketing employee contribution value and enhancing job satisfaction.

All IT Simplification takes is a commitment to change and a platform to build upon. IT Simplification starts with ScerIS and ETCETERA®. ScerIS enhances simplification with hosting services, IaaS, DRaaS, BaaS, PaaS and MSaaS. The rest is up to you.


Simplifying Business

A homogenized entity drives transformational change. Such an entity is accountable, agile, responsive, timely and positioned for future needs with technology delivered to the desktop and services integrated into business requirements. Transformational change is achieved with ScerIS, your partner for business process optimization benefitting from automation, content management, workflow and intelligence dashboards addressing business processes and the needs of all departments spanning the enterprise.

Serving Healthcare, Business & Government

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