Digital HR Management Platform

ETCETERA® by ScerIS is your go-to platform for streamlining HR operations through digital transformation. With ETCETERA® ECM for robust HR document retention, notifications, and alerts, and ETCETERA® EPM for deploying digitized work processes like Performance Reviews, experience a seamless workflow with electronic signatures and tailored online document configurations to meet each customer’s distinctive needs.

Choose from on-premises, cloud, or hybrid delivery settings, inclusive of an employee portal and the option of outsourcing services to ScerIS Service Center Ops. Leverage the ScerIS Pinnacle Program to enjoy significant software credits on the ETCETERA® platform, fostering a mutually beneficial long-term partnership while encouraging continuous business process improvements for added savings.

Key Features:

  1. Performance Review Flexibility:
    • Routing: Automate Performance Review scheduling based on calendar dates, hire dates, or other custom criteria. Create interim or ad-hoc reviews effortlessly with automated functions and look-ups.
    • Design: Beyond standard sectioning and predefined criteria, introduce “conditional panels” for dynamic question presentation based on earlier responses.
    • Data Management: Capture and analyze key data fields for organization-wide performance insights, segmented by departments, managers, job titles, and other meaningful metrics.
    • Employee Records Integration: Archive completed reviews in the employee’s digital HR record, encapsulating both historical and current data.
  2. Comprehensive HR Digitization:
    • Document Organization: With ECM, transition employee files into a digital format, organized in intuitive tabs for easy navigation, akin to traditional paper records.
    • I-9 Storage and Document Retention: Ensure compliance with I-9 storage, contract, insurance, worker’s compensation, and drug testing record management.
  3. Onboarding and Offboarding Process Digitization:
    • Automated Work Items Delivery: Streamline new hire onboarding and offboarding with automated task allocations to security, IT, telephony, payroll, and other departments.
    • Interactive Applications: Benefit from a suite of digital applications covering Exit Interviews, Employee Handbook Acknowledgement, Incident Reporting, Discipline Warnings, Help Wanted Ad Requests, Performance Development Plans, and more.
  4. Access and Acknowledgement Management:
    • Employee Portal: Grant employees direct access to their files or through a dedicated Employee Portal, enhancing transparency and engagement.
    • Form Acknowledgements: Digitize essential acknowledgements like Use of Company Assets, New Hire Evaluations, Termination Checklists, and W-2 Replacement Requests, ensuring a smooth, paperless HR operation.

Embark on a digital HR management journey with ETCETERA® by ScerIS, your partner in achieving organized, compliant, and efficient HR processes, tailored to meet the evolving demands of your organization.