Performance Reviews


While ETCETERA® ECM is used for HR document retention, notifications and alerts, ETCETERA® EPM is used to develop and deploy digitized work processes, such as Performance Reviews and provide for routing work digitally, electronic signatures and configurations of various online documents to meet the unique requirements of each Customer.

Systems are delivered on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid setting and may include an employee portal and services outsourced to ScerIS Service Center Ops.

NOTE: Customers participating in the ScerIS Pinnacle Program are granted $500 or more per employee in ETCETERA® Platform software. This is our contribution towards establishing a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship. This program helps our customers continuously pursue business process improvements that lead to additional savings.

Performance Review

ETCETERA® EPM affords organizations enormous flexibility when designing digitized Performance Reviews.

ROUTING: Whether your organizations has calendar based, hire date based or uses some other date to create a Performance Review requirement, these functions are automated. Additionally, an interim or ad hoc Performance Review can be created at any time. Automated functions and look-ups fill in static fields and can also prefill data from a prior review.

PERFORMANCE REVIEW DESIGN: Besides standard features providing for sections and predefined criteria, Performance Reviews designed in EPM can also have other features such as “conditional panels”. A conditional panel displays another field, set or questions, mark sense or radial button section based on the value entered in the source field. For example, an answer “YES” might or any value in a field, conditionally, might require additional information and that part of the application is dynamically presented.

PERFORMANCE REVIEW DATA: Selected data fields or all the data fields in a Performance Review are stored as a part of a permanent data set can be useful in the analysis of organization wide performance and data analysis at the department, manager or job title as well as other slices of data that are pertinent to measuring performance and change in performance.

EMPLOYEE RECORDS: Completed Performance Reviews can automatically become a part of the employee’s digitized record in HR, which can include all the employee’s records from the past whether in paper form or digital.


Performance Reviews are just one example of the need for digitized processes in HR.

ETCETERA® Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provides for all HR digitized records including employee files. In ECM, Employee files are automatically organized in tabs to provide the same visual organization of documents as in the paper record, providing ease of view and access for users. Employers can authorize access by employees to their files either directly or through an Employee Portal. ECM also provides for I-9 storage, document retention for contracts for insurances, worker’s compensation and even drug testing records.

In addition to providing for Performance Reviews, ETCETERA® Enterprise Process Management can provide digitized processes for new employee onboarding (and employee offboarding) with automated work items delivered into security, IT, telephony, payroll and other departments as needed and as configured. Exit Interview AUIs for employee, manager and HR. Applications with workflow and activity management are configured for an online Application, Use of Company Assets Acknowledgement, Employee Handbook Acknowledgement of Receipt, New Hire Evaluation, New Employee Checklist, Termination Checklist, Incident Report, Discipline Warning, Request to Place Help Wanted Ad, Performance Development Plan, Personnel File Access Request, I-9 Management, W-4, W-2 Replacement Request and more.