Professional Services

ScerIS offers an extensive suite of Consulting, Implementation, Training, and Support services, ensuring clients revel in a superior experience. Our Principal and Senior Consultants deliver insightful guidance towards optimizing business processes across the enterprise, often culminating in notable cost reduction and enhanced profitability.

Our Business Process Consultants and Business Analysts are adept at helping clients identify and actualize content management and process optimization solutions. With a rich history of experience, profound business process understanding, and a blend of qualitative and quantitative techniques coupled with transformational technology capabilities, ScerIS’s professional services teams propel clients towards improved performance via:

  • Thorough Analysis of existing business processes (Business Analytics – Fact Collection).
  • Strategic Development of process improvement plans (Collaborative Innovation Methods).
  • Effective Implementation of solutions to meet performance objectives, leveraging ScerIS’s workforce productivity enhancement platform – ETCETERA® (Achieving Results).

ScerIS solution teams stand out by contributing exhaustive insights into solution design and seamlessly integrating these solutions with client processes and technology. Acting as a virtual extension of a client’s organization, ScerIS navigates clients through an exploration of potentialities and the ensuing project deliverables, adding tangible value every step of the way.

Technical Support Services

ScerIS Technical Support Services stand as your singular touchpoint for all software, hardware, hosted services and solutions acquired or licensed through ScerIS. Our Standard support services are at your disposal Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern Time, excluding ScerIS holidays. For those seeking more coverage, our Premium support services extend to evenings, weekends, and round-the-clock coverage. Our support for ScerIS ETCETERA® Software aligns with the stipulations laid out in the Software Maintenance Agreement.

Our support spectrum embraces ETCETERA®, third-party products, custom software, remedial training, and hardware components including but not limited to scanners, workstations, servers, SQL server, operating systems, networks, and security solutions. Here’s a glimpse at some of our frequently sought-after support services:

  • Facilitating password resets, user account management and security level configurations.
  • Crafting or tweaking applications, work queues, and workflows to your requirement.
  • Building or modifying document classes and document collections to align with your organizational needs.
  • Remedial training, tailoring to the specific functionalities of products or solutions.
  • Seamless installation or reinstallation of your purchased software, ensuring operational excellence.
  • Expert assistance with backups, server logs, and other server and PC administrative chores.

ScerIS Support Services can be availed through pre-purchased support or on a time and materials basis, offering flexibility to meet your needs. We provide support via telephone, secured internet connection (ConnectWise Control®), and onsite services, ensuring a comprehensive support infrastructure at your beck and call.

Maintenance & Support Options

The ScerIS suite of maintenance and support options, as well as our holiday schedule, are described via the following:

ScerIS Maintenance and Support Information

Holiday Schedule

Technical Support