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ETCETERA® Hybrid Cloud

For organizations desiring a solution for more than one department or enterprise, or that have many users but limited concurrent users, ScerIS provides the ETCETERA® Hybrid Cloud. This environment provides a dedicated application server(s) for ETCETERA® modules which can be licensed or subscribed. Server and storage resources are configured to your requirements. ETCETERA® is the ScerIS software known as the platform for everything else. ETCETERA® provides the platform for online applications that are deployed to handle nearly any business process not performed by your ERP or other core applications and can include key performance indicators, dashboards, visualizations and reports. ETCETERA® can provide the environment for developing applications, creating work queues for different business processes, presenting pending work to individuals in named work queues, and provides users with the ability to start any business process. This environment also includes document management, content management and content enabled work processes. Implement the components of the ETCETERA® platform that meet your needs to manage your monthly costs. For more information on ETCETERA®, click here.

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