Business Continuity Services

Business Continuity Services (BCS)

ScerIS Global Access

Source Location Flexibility, ScerIS provides backup (BaaS) and disaster recovery (DRaaS) services with a highly-available environment deployed across multiple datacenters.  These datacenters are independent clouds in separate locations with numerous redundancies for hardware, power, and connectivity.  Source locations can be ScerIS host environments or your on-premise locations.

Off -Cloud: for on-premise infrastructure and applications using a VPN or dedicated connection.

On-cloud: for hosted applications running on the ScerIS cloud with protection in another datacenter.

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Backups are performed via host based replication software solution. During appropriate times each day snapshots are taken, replicating all necessary data from a virtual machine(s) or physical host(s) to a centralized storage appliance. Snapshots are then automatically rolled up to days, weeks, and if requested months or even years. Much of the snapshot overhead is processed by an appliance to minimize the load on the individual servers.

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The next level of recovery, is a near synchronous replication to the secondary cloud. Processes and tools ensure a copy of the data, server profile, and connectivity is kept up to date in the secondary site. In the case of a disaster at the source location failover to the secondary site will occur. On-cloud service provides a full SLA with Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) of four (4) hours or less and Recovery Point (RPO) of 15 minutes. Off -Cloud (Hybrid) service RTO and RPO varies depending on configuration specifics.

Simple & Reliable

The business continuity services are easy to configure and use the same agent software on each server.  All I/O is echoed to the remote location with snapshot technology minimizing the load on each server.  This results in a predictable backup solution without the problems encountered in traditional, manual, once a day solutions.  In addition, the agent has the ability to adjust WAN utilization to minimize bandwidth costs or congestion.  Access to any data from any backup via the control panel of the local agent in each server is immediate.  These services leverage constant data protection (CDP) technology to provide full backup of identified servers (DRaaS) and storage devices (BaaS).