Professional Services

Service providers are often selected based on skill, knowledge, reputation, ethics, creativity and of course, price. Technology, while enabling lower cost and lower risk, brings information to the decision making process and helps service providers offer a more predictable quality of service.

Business processes are often highly manual and dependent on paper source documents in professional services organizations. For environments where paper documents are simply a requirement, ScerIS solutions provide process automation and reduce manual efforts thereby reducing costs. In organizations where paper documents are a mere convenience, ScerIS helps make the business process more convenient with online capabilities that seamlessly integrate with host applications and ERP systems.

Other important aspects of ScerIS’s solutions include the portability and accessibility of information. ScerIS solutions bring project documents and case files to life with repackaging capabilities that make documents and their corresponding cataloging portable. These solutions serve the enterprise, sometimes one department at a time.

ScerIS provides solutions for professional service companies that help them use information to increase performance and ultimately improve their bottom line.


  • Accounting / CPA Firms / Tax Preparation

  • Architectural / Engineering

  • Surveyors and Mapping

  • Computer Systems / Software Development

  • Management Consulting

  • Environmental Consulting

  • Research and Development

  • Human Resources / Employment Services / Temporary Help

  • Direct Sales (DSO)

  • Data Processing / Hosting / Information Services

  • Freight Payment

Solutions Targeting:

  • Invoicing, Accounts Receivables and Collections

  • Electronic Records Management

  • Client Records Management

  • Contract Management

  • Compliance and Risk Management

  • Human Resources

  • Order Processing

  • Customer Service

  • Accounts Payable

  • Expense Account Management

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Purchasing

  • Payroll / Time & Attendance