Accounts Payable Optimization System



ETCETERA® Accounts Payable Optimization System (APOS) offers the most dynamic, flexible and accommodating solutions and services for optimizing Accounts Payable processes.

Recognizing that every organization’s requirements for Accounts Payable are different, ETCETERA® APOS provides the platform for process optimizations that address the unique requirements of each organization. Solutions are dynamic and scalable and can include automated dynamic data capture, online workflows, document management, outsourced services, payment, and cloud based infrastructure and hybrid solutions that leverage any combination of the company’s capabilities.

The ETCETERA® Platform is used for QuickPOST invoice data capture, online coding and payment approvals with workflows for additional payment authorizations, audit trails for compliance and document management for access and retention. The platform provides for the automated creation of posting files for client ERPs or for outsourced payment services.

Outsourcing services are available for as little as $0.52 per invoice. All outsource services and document and data management takes place within the USA.

There is no other more flexible, useful system and service plan available
to address Accounts Payable requirements.

Automated Dynamic Data Capture

DDC provides dynamic capture of data from unstructured documents – no templates required. Invoices are the perfect example of unstructured documents. The first invoice presented by a vendor is learned by the system using keywords, data validation to ERP data tables and AP associate review. Data on future invoices presented by the vendor are automatically parsed using the system learned layout of each vendor’s invoice format.

Each client’s data requirements, validation schemes, and navigation preferences are accommodated with the verification UI designer. Learn how little DDC can cost.



Enterprise Process Management

EPM provides for image enabled User Interfaces (UIs) for PO Invoices, NON-PO Invoices, T&Es, Statement Reconciliations, Credit Card Item Processing and Reconciliation, New Vendor Approval, and for dozens of other uses.

QuickPOST is a design feature in EPM that provides for a single interface for posting invoice data and then routing for additional account coding and payment approval. In QuickPOST, look-ups into data sources are optimized and require fewer keystrokes to complete the work. This facilitates production levels up to 80 invoices per hour per AP associate.

Online User Interfaces allow AP associates or Managers, depending on your process, to easily split charges, validate math, verify sales tax, provide for use tax identification and calculations, and route invoices for additional review.



Enterprise Content Management

ECM manages vendor invoices received and scanned, received as email attachments or into a vendor portal. Searchable indexes include all data captured through Dynamic Data Capture, Online Invoice Coding and Approvals. Related documents such as Purchase Orders, Receivers, Quality Reports and Contracts are automatically identified and attached to each invoice, and vice versa.

Indexing provides for standard search queries based on invoice number, PO number, vendor ID, vendor name and other top-level indexes. Advanced indexing captures detail information and provides for searches that identify all invoices containing a part number, price or description. Check register data is automatically applied to invoices so that check number searches produce all related invoices that were separately committed to the document repository.



QuickPOST is a fully integrated workflow environment for rapid invoice processing.


Outsource Invoice Processing

ScerIS is the perfect partner for processing vendor invoices. Invoices are processed for as little as $0.52 per invoice and routed to AP associates for Step 2. Services are customized to fit each client’s requirements.

ScerIS employees use QuickPOST combined with client data files to minimize keystrokes. Documents are placed in the ScerIS Cloud for client access and online workflows.