Cloud Services by ScerIS

Discover a haven for your ETCETERA® and mission-critical applications with ScerIS Cloud Services, where we not only host your vital applications but also provide steadfast business continuity services to our esteemed customers.

Dive into a spectrum of cloud solutions as ScerIS Cloud Services unfurls advanced server virtualizations and converged infrastructure solutions tailored to meet a diverse range of customer requirements. Whether you’re eyeing multi-tenancy, hybrid, or private cloud environments for deploying ScerIS software, our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering emerges as a compelling hosting alternative for your core applications and Microsoft subscriptions.

Bid adieu to the intricacies and hefty price tags of clustering software or additional server, hypervisor, or application licenses for failover servers. Our integrated High Availability (HA) failover and resilience are meticulously crafted to provide a fortified shield at both the virtualization (HA cluster) and hardware layers. With ScerIS Cloud Services, revel in a simplified yet robust cloud infrastructure, ensuring your business sails smoothly through the digital realm.

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ETCETERA® Multi-Tenant

Experience unparalleled content management with ETCETERA® Multi-Tenant, a dedicated environment adept at handling a wide array of content types. Built on the robust foundation of ETCETERA® Enterprise Content Management (ECM), it offers seamless online storage and access to your critical business documents. With its simple configurations, ETCETERA® Multi-Tenant enables swift deployment to meet your unique requirements, transforming content management into a streamlined, user-friendly endeavor.

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ETCETERA® Hybrid Cloud

Discover a tailored cloud solution with a customer-specific dedicated virtual private cloud exclusively crafted for ETCETERA® applications. With each customer’s data securely housed in a dedicated database, this setup ensures personalized data management while offering shared services like SQL Server and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) viewer resources for enhanced operational efficiency. Entrust the seamless management of this specialized environment to the expert IT services of ScerIS, ensuring a smooth, secure, and efficient operational experience.

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ETCETERA® Private Cloud

Experience a tailored digital solution with a customer-specific dedicated virtual private cloud optimized for handling your core applications, databases, ETCETERA® applications and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) viewer resources. The backbone of this personalized setup is the Process Area Network (PAN) software, ensuring seamless management of infrastructure, networking, and storage resources while facilitating simple provisioning and resource adjustments. With the ETCETERA® Private Cloud, revel in a realm where all vital resources such as CPU, RAM, storage, firewalls, and connectivity are exclusively dedicated to your needs, ensuring a singular, unshared environment distinct from other ScerIS customers.

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Managed Cloud Services/IaaS

Experience a streamlined digital transformation with ScerIS, offering robust Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) environments for your applications, powered by eminent hardware solutions like HP BladeSystem®, IBM BladeCenter®, NEC SigmaBlade®, or Fujitsu Primergy® BX900. These environments are meticulously managed via the Process Area Network (PAN) management console, facilitating seamless resource provisioning, and robust management and protection of the IT infrastructure, thus embodying a simplified datacenter infrastructure with flexible pools of compute, I/O, networking, and storage resources. Utilizing PAN Manager’s VMI technology, revel in one-click provisioning of both physical and virtual servers, without the hassle of separate licensing or managing a hypervisor, as it intuitively adapts to your application configuration and service level requirements, ensuring optimal capacity, availability, and response time as per your set benchmarks.

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Business Continuity Services

Discover unparalleled data protection with ScerIS BCS On-Cloud and Off-Cloud solutions, designed to offer robust Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) across diverse data centers. These solutions unfold in highly-available environments, independently housed in multiple data centers fortified with extensive redundancies for hardware, power, and connectivity. Catering to both ScerIS host environments and your on-premise locations, our data protection services seamlessly bridge on-cloud and off-cloud resources, embodying a resilient, flexible, and efficient approach to safeguarding and recovering your critical data.

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