ScerIS Cloud Services

ScerIS hosts ETCETERA® and mission critical applications and provides business continuity services to its customers.

ScerIS Cloud Services include advanced server virtualizations and converged infrastructure solutions to address the widest of customer requirements.  Used for multi-tenancy, hybrid and private cloud environments for ScerIS software deployments, the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering also provides customers with a hosting alternative for their core applications and Microsoft subscriptions.

Integrated High Availability (HA) failover and resilience is provided at both the virtualization (HA cluster) and hardware layers.  There’s no need for complex and expensive clustering software or additional server, hypervisor or application licenses for failover servers.

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ETCETERA® Multi-Tenant

ETCETERA® Multi-Tenant is an environment for managing content of any type. Benefitting from ETCETERA® Enterprise Content Management (ECM), this environment provides customers with online storage and access of critical business documents. Simple configurations help customers deploy unique requirements in minutes.

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ETCETERA® Hybrid Cloud

A customer specific dedicated virtual private cloud (or physical server) for ETCETERA® applications.  Each customer’s data is in a dedicated database.  Shared services include SQL Server and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) viewer resources.  ScerIS provides IT services in the management of this environment.

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ETCETERA® Private Cloud

A customer specific dedicated virtual private cloud (or physical server[s]) for applications, database and SVG viewer resources.  Infrastructure, networking and storage resources are managed using the Egenera Process Area Network (PAN) software which enables simple provisioning and adjustments of resources.  The ETCETERA® Private Cloud resources are completely dedicated to the customer, meaning that CPU, RAM, storage, firewalls and connectivity are not shared with other ScerIS customers.

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Managed Cloud Services/IaaS

ScerIS provides customers with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) environments for customer applications. These environments using HP BladeSystem®, IBM BladeCenter®, NEC SigmaBlade®, or Fujitsu Primergy® BX900 hardware are managed using Egenera’s Process Area Network (PAN) management console which enables resource provisioning, and management and protection of the IT infrastructure. PAN Manager simplifies datacenter infrastructure and management by creating flexible pools of compute, I/O, networking and storage resources. PAN Manager’s VMI technology provides one click provisioning of both physical and virtual servers without the need to separately license, pay for and manage a hypervisor. Individual resources from these pools can be assigned a profile or personality from the PAN Manager GUI. Each profile contains the application configuration and service level requirements. Once a profile is activated, PAN Manager will actively monitor and automatically manage the infrastructure in order to meet the capacity, availability and response time requirements set by the customer.

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Business Continuity Services

BCS On-Cloud and Off-Cloud (Hybrid) provides source location flexibility. ScerIS provides backup (BaaS) and disaster recovery (DRaaS) services with a highly-available environment deployed across multiple data centers. These datacenters are independent clouds in separate locations with numerous redundancies for hardware, power, and connectivity. Source locations can be ScerIS host environments or your on-premise locations.