Manufacturing business processes are expected to meet the high standards of the manufacturing discipline and maintain a solid focus on strategy, efficiency and effectiveness. At ScerIS, we have applied the core competencies of manufacturing to our own solutions. Through a consultative process with our manufacturing clients, we deliver scalable business process optimization solutions for organizations in the manufacturing industry.

ScerIS’s systems improve work processes for manufacturing organizations. Some of these work processes are with internal processes and internal information, while many of these improved areas involve vendors and customers. These systems automate order processing, invoicing, payment posting and check presentation to the bank while also helping manufacturers submit orders electronically in a way that will easily integrate with their vendor’s ERP system. ScerIS systems also automate vendor invoice processing and integrate with host ERP applications for improved processes .

ScerIS’s outsourced services replace highly repetitive manual tasks with processes using ScerIS’s technology. Manufacturing resources are freed up, operational costs are reduced and future costs are avoided.



  • Food

  • Dairy

  • Beverage

  • Textile

  • Apparel

  • Wood

  • Paper

  • Printing

  • Energy

  • Chemical

  • Explosive

  • Plastics

  • Tire / Other Rubber

  • Computer & Electronic Equipment

  • Communications Equipment

  • Transportation Equipment

Solutions Targeting:

  • Shared Services

  • Order Processing and Acknowledgement

  • Bill Processing and Accounts Payable

  • Chargeback Management

  • Product Development and Engineering

  • Claims Management

  • Supply Change Management

  • Customer Support

  • E-Pedigree

  • Quality Assurance

  • Material Test Reports

  • Compliance and Risk Management

  • Human Resources

  • Contract Management

  • Order Processing

  • Customer Service

  • Accounts Payable

  • Expense Account Management

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Purchasing

  • Payroll / Time & Attendance