ScerIS is a resource that helps Not-For-Profit (NFP) organizations better serve their clients and members, reduce costs and avoid future costs, all of which are important cornerstones to helping NFP organizations persevere even through challenging financial periods.

NFP organizations play vital humanitarian, cultural, educational and religious services roles.  The needs of these organizations are no less than any other industry as they pursue new funding sources, manage their programs and services and identify ways in which to reduce operating costs all while serving the interests of their donors, members and society at large.

For NFP organizations technology investment that serves to increase revenue and decrease costs isn’t a mere convenience, it’s a requirement.  The alternative is to use human capital to try and accomplish what technology can.  Human capital, however, is a cost that is recurring and never goes away.  For NFP organizations the value proposition of technology and optimized business processes and the resulting benefits has never before held more significance or importance.



  • Professional and Trade Associations

  • Educational Institutions

  • Foundations
  • Charitable Organizations

  • Social and Human Services Organizations

  • Cultural

  • Religious

  • Research and Scientific

Solutions Targeting:

  • Membership / Donor Management

  • Financial Services Management

  • Research Management

  • Application Processing

  • Student Records Management

  • Grant Management

  • Contract Management

  • Compliance and Risk Management

  • Human Resources

  • Contract Management

  • Order Processing

  • Customer Service

  • Accounts Payable

  • Expense Account Management

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Purchasing

  • Payroll / Time & Attendance