Empowering Not-For-Profit
Operations with ScerIS

In the heart of every non-profit organization lies a mission to make a positive impact. At ScerIS, we share a similar ethos by offering tailored solutions to simplify your operational challenges, allowing you more time to focus on your core mission.

Our ETCETERA® platform is designed to enhance efficiency and transparency, two pillars crucial for non-profit success. With ScerIS, experience a seamless transformation in the way you manage internal processes, engage with stakeholders, and handle financial transactions. Our system brings automation and streamlined workflows to your day-to-day operations, ensuring every task is accomplished with ease and accuracy.

But our engagement goes beyond just providing a system. We believe in building a long-term relationship, offering continuous support and adaptability to the evolving needs of your organization. Our solutions grow with you, ensuring you stay ahead in fulfilling compliance requirements and delivering value to your community.

Discover a new horizon of operational excellence with ScerIS. Your journey towards enhanced efficiency, compliance, and meaningful engagement starts here. Together, let’s empower your mission with the right tools and technology.


  • Professional and Trade Associations

  • Educational Institutions

  • Foundations
  • Charitable Organizations

  • Social and Human Services Organizations

  • Cultural

  • Religious

  • Research and Scientific

Solutions Targeting:

  • Membership / Donor Management

  • Financial Services Management

  • Research Management

  • Application Processing

  • Student Records Management

  • Grant Management

  • Contract Management

  • Compliance and Risk Management

  • Human Resources

  • Contract Management

  • Order Processing

  • Customer Service

  • Accounts Payable

  • Expense Account Management

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Purchasing

  • Payroll / Time & Attendance