ETCETERA® by ScerIS: Your Comprehensive Solution
for Time Entry and Payroll Management

Seamlessly manage time entries and payroll processes with ETCETERA® EPM by ScerIS, catering to both exempt and non-exempt employees. Our platform integrates with time clock systems, offering basic to advanced time entry applications, inclusive of account and project-based allocations. With flexible delivery options – on-premises, cloud, or hybrid, and an employee portal, streamline your payroll operations effortlessly. Participate in our ScerIS Pinnacle Program to gain significant software credits and foster a long-term, rewarding business relationship.

Key Features:

  1. Time & Attendance Flexibility:
    • Automated Routing: Simplify time entry initiations based on calendar dates, hire dates or other custom criteria. Create interim or ad-hoc time entry instances with automated look-ups for project numbers, sales order numbers, and more.
    • Customizable Design: Beyond standard features, our Time & Attendance Application User Interfaces (AUIs) introduce “conditional panels” for dynamic data entry, adapting to the responses provided.
    • Data Management: Archive selected or all data fields from Time Entry AUIs, utilizing ETCETERA® Post to HostTM utility for data feeds to your payroll and billing systems. Analyze project-based transactions effortlessly with our ECM search tool.
  2. Permanent Record Keeping:
    • Automated Self Sign Feature: Enable employees and approvers to auto-sign time entries with a single click, ensuring a seamless approval process.
    • Non-Employee Time Entries: Capture contractor time entries without affecting your payroll system, segregating third-party data for payment and rebilling purposes.
  3. Leave Management:
    • Comprehensive Requests: Facilitate requests for various leaves including Vacation, Maternity/Paternity, Sick Leave, and more. Within the same system, employees can request W-2 copies, Pay Stub reviews, Benefits Changes, and other essential payroll-related requests.
  4. Payroll Document Retention:
    • Secure Storage: Safeguard payroll records, reports, and other critical documents securely within ETCETERA® ECM, with notifications and alerts for enhanced monitoring.
  5. Digital Process Deployment:
    • Digitized Workflows: Utilize ETCETERA® EPM for crafting digital workflows such as Time & Attendance forms, with electronic signatures and custom online document configurations meeting each customer’s unique needs.

ETCETERA® by ScerIS is your all-encompassing platform for time entry and payroll management, designed to meet the evolving demands of modern organizations while ensuring compliance, accuracy, and efficiency in payroll operations.