Time & Attendance


ETCETERA® EPM accommodates time entry for exempt and non-exempt employees, including integration with time clock systems. Online applications provide for basic time entry as well as time entries with account and project-based allocations. Entries can be specific to individual work items with weekly/bi-weekly/monthly roll-ups for managerial review. Whatever your process and data interface requirements, EPM can handle it.

Systems are delivered on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid setting and may include an employee portal and services outsourced to ScerIS Service Center Ops.

NOTE: Customers participating in the ScerIS Pinnacle Program are granted $500 or more per employee in ETCETERA® Platform software. This is our contribution towards establishing a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship. This program helps our customers continuously pursue business process improvements that lead to additional savings.

Time & Attendance

ETCETERA® EPM affords organizations enormous flexibility when designing a Time & Attendance system and digitizing Time & Attendance AUIs. From simple time reporting to more complex project reporting with cross charges to projects and customers and data feeds to billing systems as well as payroll systems, EPM and Post to HostTM can handle it.

ROUTING: Whether your organizations has calendar based, hire date based or uses some other date or data to initiate a time entry instance, these functions can be automated. Additionally, an interim or ad hoc time entry instance can be created at any time. Automated functions and look-ups fill in static fields, such as for project numbers, sales order numbers and work orders and can also prefill data from a prior review. For time entries representing individual entries or days, summary AUI’s are automatically generated for supervisor review and approval.

TIME & ATTENDANCE DESIGN: Besides standard features providing for sections, predefined criteria and data entry fields, Time & Attendance AUIs designed in EPM can also have other features such as “conditional panels”. A conditional panel displays another field, set or questions, mark sense or radial button section based on the value entered in the source field. For example, an answer “YES” might or any value in a field, conditionally, might require additional information and that part of the AUI is dynamically presented.

TIME & ATTENDANCE DATA: Selected data fields or all the data fields in a Time Entry AUI are stored as a part of a permanent data set and this data is configured using the ETCETERA® Post to HostTM utility for data feeds to your payroll system, and billing system if applicable. To analyze any project-based transactions, transactions pertaining to a work order or any other tracking mechanism, simple conduct searches using the ECM search tool and get the data (and supporting time entry documents) that are needed. Data is easily output for additional analysis.

PERMANENT TIME & ATTENDANCE RECORDS: Completed Time Entry AUIs are automatically and permanently stored along with corresponding data to meet payroll records requirements.

AUTOMATED SELF SIGN FEATURE: Employees, who by their AD/SAML SSO or logged in name, can auto-sign their time entries with a single click (Self Sign feature), and approvers can accomplish the same.

NON-EMPLOYEE TIME ENTRIES: Use this system to capture time for contractors without compromising your payroll system. Simply assign a different “auth” group to third parties, but capture their data for both payment purposes, and for rebilling in the event that their efforts are for projects that your customers are billed for.


The application of EPM and ECM to address your time entry requirements is completely flexible. Additionally, companies use ETCETERA® for Requests for Vacation Time-Off, Maternity/Paternity Leave, Court Leave, Leave Without Pay, Limitary Leave, Administrative Leave, Sick Leave and Bereavement Leave.

Within the same system employees can Request a Copy of their W-2 or Pay Stub, Request Review of Pay Calculation, and make other requests (if not provided in the payroll system) for Federal Withholding Change, State Withholding Change, Benefits Change, Savings Payroll Deduction, 401K Enrollment, 401K Change, Flexible Spending Account Enrollment, Flexible Spending Account Change, Flexible Spending Account Waiver, Tuition Assistance Reimbursement, Change of Home Address, etc.

Payroll records, reports from payroll systems and other activities can be securely stored in ETCETERA®.

Data from any AUI can be output in a data format specific to customer requirements, or staged in work queues for review and entry by payroll personnel.

ETCETERA® ECM is used for Payroll document retention, notifications and alerts. ETCETERA® EPM is used to develop and deploy digitized work processes, such as Time & Attendance forms and provides for routing work digitally, electronic signatures and configurations of various online documents to meet the unique requirements of each Customer.