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One Platform, endless possibilities with the ETCETERA® Platform by ScerIS

ScerIS Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure

ScerIS provides innovative solutions to optimize work processes and enhance productivity. The company offers business process improvement, mobile workforce solutions, and custom system design to help clients reduce costs and improve service levels.

ETCETERA® Platform Overview

ScerIS ETCETERA Platform Overview

The ETCETERA® Platform is a fourth-generation software platform that enhances enterprise performance by simplifying IT infrastructure. It reduces costs and improves security, integrating seamlessly with existing applications.



ETCETERA® ECM is a customizable, browser-based document management solution supporting over 100 file types. It provides secure, scalable document management with seamless integration to other systems.



ETCETERA® EPM offers tools for developing enterprise-wide applications, enhancing productivity through automated workflows and data capture. It ensures regulatory compliance within a unified platform.

ETCETERA® EPM User Experience

ScerIS ETCETERA EPM User Experience

ETCETERA® EPM focuses on intuitive, task-oriented workflows for a seamless user experience. It integrates data from multiple sources, enabling efficient task completion within a dynamic interface.

ETCETERA® EPM – AUI Designer Overview

ScerIS ETCETERA AUI Designer Brochure

ETCETERA® EPM’s AUI Designer allows for easy creation of user interfaces with drag-and-drop controls. It enables both technical and non-technical users to design and deploy efficient applications.

Designer Controls Overview

ScerIS ETCETERA AUI Designer Controls Brochure

ETCETERA® EPM’s AUI Designer allows for easy creation of user interfaces. EPM’s AUI Designer Controls offer the tools for building these sophisticated user interfaces. It includes standard and advanced controls, supporting rapid prototyping and deployment of online applications.

Applications & Uses


ETCETERA® EPM & ECM provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for optimizing departmental and industry-specific processes. The platform enhances efficiency and ensures regulatory compliance across various sectors, including accounting, human resources, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

for Hospitals

ScerIS ETCETERA EPM for Hospitals

ETCETERA® EPM provides hospitals with powerful tools to design and manage application user interfaces, streamline data capture, and automate workflows. The platform enhances productivity and reduces costs by integrating with existing systems, eliminating paper processes, and facilitating electronic storage and access.

for Insurance

ScerIS ETCETERA EPM for Insurance

ETCETERA® EPM provides insurance companies with a versatile platform for designing, developing, and deploying applications quickly and efficiently. The solution streamlines processes such as policy changes, medical reviews, and premium invoice issuance, reducing manual processes and enhancing integration with existing systems.

Patient Financial Services

ScerIS ETCETERA ECM for Patient Financial Services

ETCETERA® ECM for Patient Financial Services streamlines the management of patient financial records by digitizing and automating workflows. The platform enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, ultimately improving financial management processes in healthcare settings.

Behavioral Health Records

ScerIS ETCETERA EPM for Behavioral Health Records

ETCETERA® EPM streamlines the management of electronic medical records (EMR) for behavioral health organizations, offering tools for application design, data capture, and automated workflows. This solution enhances productivity and reduces costs while ensuring secure electronic storage and access, easily integrating with existing content management systems.

Human Resources Solution


ETCETERA® HRMS is a flexible and dynamic platform designed to optimize human resource management processes. This system supports digitizing HR documents, online process management, and performance visualization, allowing organizations to efficiently manage employee lifecycles and adapt to changing requirements.

Digital Transformation of HR

ScerIS ETCETERA HRMS - Digital Transformation of HR

ETCETERA® HRMS facilitates the digital transformation of human resources by converting manual processes into efficient online activities. The platform supports performance reviews, on-boarding, time and attendance, and more, providing a comprehensive and flexible HR management solution that enhances productivity and ensures secure document handling.

Digitizing Human Resources


ETCETERA® HRMS helps organizations digitize and manage HR documents, making them paperless and organized. This solution supports over 100 file types, ensuring secure document handling and providing flexible configurations to meet unique HR needs, enhancing privacy, confidentiality, efficiency and productivity while eliminating manual processes.

ETCETERA® – Accounts Payable
Solution Overview

ScerIS ETCETERA AP Solution Overview

ETCETERA® AP Automation optimizes accounts payable processes by automating workflows and integrating content management technologies. This solution reduces invoice processing costs, improves cash management, and enhances regulatory compliance, providing significant financial and operational benefits.

Solution Overview

ScerIS ETCETERA QuickPost Payment Solution

ETCETERA® PFS QuickPost provides a seamless approach to processing commercial payments and correspondence. This solution enhances payment posting accuracy and efficiency, converting paper remittances into ANSI X12 EDI 835 files and streamlining reconciliation and audit processes.

ScerIS Behavorial Health
Solutions Introduction

ScerIS Behavorial Health Solutions Introduction

ScerIS Behavioral Health Solutions helps agencies optimize clinical and business processes to improve efficiency, clinician productivity, and client satisfaction. Through consulting, core solutions, and custom solutions, ScerIS enables significant cost reductions and sustainable results in behavioral health agencies.

City of Boston
Client Case Study

ScerIS Case Study - City of Boston

The City of Boston (COB), in partnership with ScerIS, implemented the ETCETERA Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system to digitize historical documents and streamline workflows across multiple departments. This initiative improved efficiency, accessibility, and constituent services while preserving historically significant records.

D&H Distributing
Client Case Study

ScerIS Case Study - D&H Distributing

D&H Distributing streamlined their invoice processing and improved financial controls by implementing ScerIS’s automated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and process automation system. This transformation resulted in significant cost savings, increased efficiency, and enhanced vendor relations, achieving over $735,000 in first-year savings.

KLN Family Brands
Client Case Study

ScerIS Case Study - KLN Family Brands

KLN Family Brands streamlined their AP processing by implementing ScerIS’s automated ECM solution, reducing invoice cycle times by 50% and saving approximately $100,000 annually. This integration enabled KLN to handle increased invoice volumes efficiently without additional staff, achieving an ROI in 14.5 months.

TRC Companies, Inc.
Client Case Study

ScerIS Case Study - TRC Companies, Inc.

TRC Companies, Inc. implemented ScerIS’s automated ECM and EPM solutions to streamline their A/P invoice processing, resulting in first-year cost savings exceeding $1,000,000 and significantly improving financial controls and cash flow. This solution enabled faster invoice processing, reduced borrowing costs, and enhanced productivity across their 70 offices nationwide.

Cambridge Health Alliance
Client Case Study

ScerIS Case Study - Cambridge Health Alliance

Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) partnered with ScerIS to outsource the processing of self-pay and third-party payments, integrating with EPIC for seamless financial management. This solution improved cash posting, enhanced the balance sheet, and reduced collections, resulting in faster reconciliation and efficient handling of all payment types.

Crittenton Services, Inc.
Client Case Study

ScerIS Case Study - Crittenton Services, Inc.

Crittenton Services, Inc. partnered with ScerIS to transition from paper-based to electronic client records, improving access to clinical information and reducing administrative burdens. This implementation enhanced efficiency, cut audit times by 33%, and eliminated physical records, significantly boosting staff productivity and client service quality.