Vendor Invoice Processing


Customers choose the system modules they require based on what they want to get accomplished. ETCETERA® ECM for document retention including digitized documents and reports. ETCETERA® EPM for invoice processing including account coding and payment authorizations and managing the work in individual or group work queues. For some customers the focus is PO invoices, for others it’s non-PO invoices, and yet for others it’s a mix.

Systems are delivered on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid setting and may include a vendor portal and services outsourced to ScerIS Service Center Ops.

NOTE: Customers participating in the ScerIS Pinnacle Program are granted $500 or more per employee in ETCETERA® Platform software. This is our contribution towards establishing a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship. This program helps our customers continuously pursue business process improvements that lead to additional savings.


Paper invoices are scanned (digitized) and invoices received electronically are dragged to an import file or automatically extracted from emails using the ScerIS Email Extractor configuration tool. Vendors can submit digitized invoices or enter invoice data at a Vendor Portal. Digitized files are routed to the next process step as selected by the customer. This can include automatically submitting digitized invoice images to the dynamic data extraction system, to work queues or to the ScerIS Service Center Ops for processing.


Automated data extraction is available for PO invoices, non-PO invoices and statements. Additionally, this system can be configured to automatically index W-9 forms, tax exemption forms, and other AP related documents. Automated data extraction works seamlessly with customer provided data (views) to Purchase Order Header, Purchase Order Detail, Receiving, Chart of Accounts and Vendor Master tables to validate data and ensure accuracy. Data verification screens are designed to the unique requirements of each customer and display an image of the invoice and the corresponding invoice data. Customer specific rules govern accuracy and other validation requirements. Invoice images and data are routed to the next stage in the customer-specific process.


Invoices are routed to individuals which may include delegates for data correction, account coding, payment approval or any other customer directed purpose. PO Invoice data is sometimes routed directly to customer’s ERP for discrepancy resolution, but if that is not available then discrepancies can be resolved in ETCETERA®. Invoices landing in an individual’s work queue triggers an email notification. These notifications are configured to go out upon receipt of a new invoice or at a customer defined interval. If scheduled at intervals, the email includes all relevant invoice transactions in one email. Each email includes links to the workflow action – the reviewer’s/approver’s work is just one click away.

Typically, invoices are routed to A/P for a review prior to committing the transaction to the “complete” status.


Processing invoices with QuickPostTM benefits from best practices for rapid data collection and validation. Images captured automatically launch an invoice image enabled application, and with minimal keystrokes PO data is loaded for PO invoices and Vendor ID is selected for non-PO invoices. Partial field data entry can facilitate the entry of that data field and other fields. QuickPostTM is used in ScerIS Service Center Ops as a way to facilitate rapid processing of invoices, without the expense of OCR and dynamic data capture processes.


ScerIS manages AP processes including receipt of paper and digitized invoices, management of vendor portals, initial coding with cross reference to customer supplied data, assignment of in-process work queues and delivery of data files for customer’s ERP. Outsourcing services can feed on-premises systems or ETCETERA® hosted in the ScerISGLOBALACCESS cloud, or customer’s cloud.


From invoice capture and automated dynamic data capture to posting files for ERPs, vendor invoice processing systems can be fully integrated with host system data to ensure processing and posting accuracy.

Delivered on-premises or in the cloud, the ETCETERA® platform provides for invoice capture; workflows for resolving discrepancies, account coding and payment authorizations; automatic creation of EDI files for ERPs; document retention; and seamless integration to ERPs for direct online document access. A/P has a view to all in-process activity and can automatically escalate invoices for review as well as view all in-process activity for accruals. Purchase orders, contracts, receiving forms and payments can all be cross-referenced and linked to invoices for a comprehensive view to all related documents.

Recurring charges automatically launch approval work items and place them in the appropriate individual or team work queue.

Other A/P Uses: Systems can also include automated invoice extraction from emails and automatically import, index and store A/P print files such as agings, check runs, master vendor lists, etc. Storing print files includes form overlays (such as for 1099s). A/P can use the system to manage W-9s and tax exemption certificates and the system can be configured to automatically request updated tax exemption certificates. The ETCETERA® platform is also used for check requests, payment requests, travel & entertainment expense reimbursement and myriad other A/P processes. ScerIS can provide for a hosted vendor portal where vendors submit invoices, retrieve payment information, review RFP’s, orders and more and can sync up submitted invoices with either on-premises systems or A/P processes managed in the cloud.

Automated Self Sign Feature: Approvers, who by their AD/SAML SSO or logged in name, can auto-sign their approvals with a single click (Self Sign feature).

Currency Management: A/P processes can accommodate currency changes and the various ways in which companies accommodate invoices in different currencies.

Managing Accruals: In-process invoice data can be extracted for month-end, quarter-end and year-end accruals.

Other A/P Processes: Examples of other A/P process uses that can be content/document enabled include: Customer Refund Request, Returned Goods – Debit Memo Request, Request for Expedited Payment, Request to Delay a Payment, Request for Vendor Invoice Copy, Request for Check Copy, Request Vendor ID, Request Invoices for State Use Tax Audit, Request Invoices for External Auditors, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization, Lost/stolen P-Card Notification, Request for Domestic Wire Transfer, Request for an International Wire Transfer, W-9 Receipt Acknowledgement, W-8BEN Receipt Acknowledgement, etc. Customers can outsource all, part or none of their vendor invoice processing to ScerIS.