Optimize AP Processes with ETCETERA® by ScerIS:
A Comprehensive Solution for Invoice Management

Discover a seamless way to manage your Accounts Payable (AP) processes with the ETCETERA® platform by ScerIS. Tailor the system modules to your specific needs, whether it’s document retention with ETCETERA® ECM, or efficient invoice processing, account coding, and payment authorizations with ETCETERA® EPM. Our solutions cater to diverse invoice types, be it Purchase Order (PO) or non-PO, ensuring a customized approach to your unique business requirements.

Our flexible delivery options include on-premises, cloud, or hybrid settings, coupled with an intuitive vendor portal and optional outsourcing to ScerIS Service Center Ops for enhanced ease and efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Invoice Capture & Processing: Transition from paper to digital effortlessly. Scan paper invoices or import electronic invoices using the ScerIS Email Extractor tool. The Vendor Portal allows for easy invoice submissions, enabling streamlined processing through dynamic data extraction or routing to designated work queues.
  2. Dynamic Data Extraction: Automate data extraction for PO and non-PO invoices, statements, and other AP-related documents like W-9 forms. This feature ensures data validation and accuracy, aligning with your specific rules and verification screens.
  3. Workflows & Work Queues: Automate routing of invoices for data correction, account coding, payment approval, and more. Get real-time notifications upon invoice receipt, and resolve discrepancies directly within ETCETERA® or your ERP system.
  4. QuickPost™ Technology: Accelerate invoice processing with minimal data entry. QuickPost facilitates rapid data collection, validation, and processing, reducing the need for OCR and dynamic data capture processes.
  5. Outsourcing Capabilities: Let ScerIS manage your AP processes, from receipt of invoices to initial coding, work queue assignment, and data file delivery for your ERP system.
  6. Integrated ERP Solutions: Ensure accuracy in processing and posting through seamless integration with your ERP system. Capture, resolve discrepancies, authorize payments, and create EDI files effortlessly with ETCETERA®.
  7. Document Retention & Compliance: Manage and cross-reference all AP-related documents like purchase orders, contracts, receiving forms, and payments for a comprehensive view and compliance adherence.
  8. Automated Approval: Simplify approval processes with the Self Sign feature.
  9. Currency Management: Manage different currencies effortlessly, facilitating global operations.
  10. Accruals & Other AP Processes: Extract in-process invoice data for accurate accruals during month-end, quarter-end, or year-end closing. ETCETERA® also supports a myriad of other AP processes, enhancing your operational efficiency.
  11. Hosted Vendor Portal: Provide a centralized portal for vendors to submit invoices, retrieve payment information, review RFPs, orders, and more, ensuring a seamless sync with your on-premises or cloud-managed AP processes.

With the ETCETERA® platform by ScerIS, transform your AP operations into a streamlined, efficient, and compliant process, ensuring a robust foundation for your financial management needs.