Customer Specific Hosted Domain

ETCETERA® Concurrent User
Subscription Pricing


Unlimited Named Users in all concurrent user licenses or subscriptions.

Select the 3-year term to get annual pricing at a monthly rate.

Named user pricing is available for small departments.


Scan directly into your hosted environment.

Bundle your requirements with a
Canon scanner.


Infrastructure dedicated to customer includes but is not limited to servers with Microsoft or Linux operating systems, configurable processors and RAM, SSD and HDD file storage, Microsoft SQL, Domain Controllers, Firewall, VPN and more – all configured to your requirements. Can include other applications. This environment is a part of or an extension of customer’s IT environment. Managed by customer’s IT department. Call an expert to configure and price your requirements.

Description Monthly Annually 3-Year Term1
Paid Monthly
ECM Subscription 1st CU:
Additional CUs:
EPM Subscription 1st CU:
Additional CUs:
Scanning Interface Options
L1 – Up to 30PPM (Per Scanner) Per Scanner: $21 $210 $18
L2 – 31PPM to 60PPM (Per Scanner) Per Scanner: $55 $550 $46
L3 – Greater than 60PPM (Per Scanner) Per Scanner: $85 $850 $71
2D Barcode Recognition (unlimited) Unlimited Scanners: $126 $1,260 $105
Hosted Infrastructure
Hosted Servers (VM) are sized to your requirements. Infrastructure includes Application Server (VM), Viewing Server, SQL Server, Domain Controllers, Firewall, VPN, Backup Services. Can be configured as a part of an existing domain. Price: TBD TBD TBD
Call for Assistance to learn about the following add-ons:
Configure address books for recipients of documents (and document sets) and configure processes unique to each process requirement for digital document delivery and printing as applicable. Call for Pricing
SEAMLESS INTEGRATION Can define extraction of data from dialog box/web pages. All Seamless applications need to be tested to validate that seamless integration will work with the targeted application(s). Requires Primary System Default User Access if used by anonymous users (not required for named users validated in ECM). Chrome Plugin Support Available. Call for Pricing
Jobs (Per Each)
AUTORUN – Base Module and RPA Configurations Including EDI Structured Output. Call for Pricing
SELF REGISTRATION Self Registration Request for ECM Access – Default User Landing Page for Requesting a User Account (usually by external parties). Call for Pricing
FTPS Automated Upload to/Download from FTPS Server for Access by Customer. Call for Pricing

1. Requires credit review and approval by funding source.