Human Resource Management System


The ETCETERA® Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is the most dynamic, flexible and accommodating HRMS available.

Recognizing that every organization’s requirements for an HRMS are different, ETCETERA® HRMS provides the platform for HRM Process Optimizations that support an organization’s unique requirements. Using ETCETERA® HRMS all aspects of data, document, file and process management are configurable. As processes or data requirements change, system configurations are easily modified, often in just minutes, to accommodate changing requirements.

There is no other more flexible, useful system available to address HRM requirements.



The ETCETERA® HRMS Platform addresses the data, documents, files and processes applicable to the Employee Lifecycle and to other HRM requirements.

Starting with a blank white board is the perfect place to start as an organization envisions the possibilities, identifies their requirements and prioritizes project deliverables. Imagine your requirements, document your vision for your HRMS, and then use ETCETERA® to implement your vision to achieve your goals.



Enterprise Content Management

Digitize HR

ETCETERA® HRMS – ECM is used for managing primary data sources like the Master Employee Data File, scanning and digitizing paper documents, capture of electronic files and the management of all HR digital assets. This module gets HR organized and paperless.

Digitizing HR is often the first step to implementing an HRMS. ECM provides for the management of all HR documents, access, and presentation and is used to manage HR information assets. A robust configuration utility guides the user through personalizing ECM to your requirements. A very granular security module protects classes of documents. A tabbed presentation organizes documents by tab, similar to a paper employee file, except this process is automated.



Enterprise Process Management

Digital Transformation of HR

ETCETERA® HRMS – EPM is used for online processes and helps increase employee productivity while creating a predictable service level that employees value. Online processes can include performance reviews, development plans, on-boarding, off-boarding, time and attendance, leave requests, and nearly any other process involving employees and managers. This module gets HR to paperless processes and may consolidate other HR applications.

Processes are automatically initiated or initiated by HR, a manager, or employee. With EPM, the status of every in-process activity is at your fingertips. There’s no more lost documents or transactions and activity logging provides a history of all activity related to a process. There’s no more question about what activities have been completed or are still in-process. The completion of online processes results in automatically saving the final state of an electronic document, updated indexes and a permanent record of the transaction.


Getting Started

The first step in introducing an HRMS into an organization is understanding the organization’s goals in implementing the solution. With an outline of expectations, ScerIS can assist in numerous ways:

  • Create or assist in the development of the Master Employee Data File.
  • Digitize existing paper documents, import electronic files and catalog these digitized documents into ECM.
  • Convert documents and data from existing systems.
  • Assist in the design of the system, identification of data values and indexes, establish tabbed presentations.
  • Develop online processes and workflows.
  • Develop HR and employee training programs, and provide training services.

For more information and help getting started with your paperless HR organization, contact ScerIS today.

Getting Installed

Installation is available on-premises or in the cloud. ECM is licensed by Named User or Concurrent User, and one or more scanning interfaces are usually licensed. A traditional software license as well as a monthly or annual software subscription are available. There are no additional software license charges for documents, the number of document classes, tabbed viewing, indexes, security or other ECM features.

With Concurrent User licensing, an organization can have unlimited named users. Concurrent User licensing is often used if document access is expanded outside of HR to include managers and / or employees. Contact your ScerIS representative to discuss licensing alternatives and pricing.

Licensing Alternatives

The ETCETERA® HRMS platform is licensed through a traditional software license, software subscription or by Software as a Service (SaaS). Additionally, and perhaps most important of all, each of the licensing alternatives is available for either named users or concurrent users.