Digital Transformation of Human Resources

Online Activities & Processes

ETCETERA® HRMS – Enterprise Process Management (EPM) is the preferred platform for the digital transformation of HR. Its rich interfaces, automated processes, file and video enabled online user interfaces and activity queues provide the most comprehensive HRMS available.

The imagination of HR leadership that helps create competitive advantage requires solutions that achieve their unique requirements as no two HR organizations are alike. HR leadership indicated that one pre-configured environment offering no flexibility is unacceptable. With this in mind, EPM was envisioned as the platform for client configured solutions that address organizational uniqueness and requirements.


Enterprise Process Management


EPM provides the environment for all HR processes that affect or involve employees, supervisors, managers, and if applicable, contract labor and volunteers. These online processes help increase employee productivity.

Automated processes create online activities assigned to individuals or groups and offer HR total visibility to all in-process activities. Online processes can include performance reviews, professional development plans, on-boarding, off-boarding, time and attendance, leave requests, training, testing and nearly any other process involving employees and managers. These processes are also configured for health & safety, recruiting, compliance, licensure management, incident reports, and workers compensation and more.

A robust security module restricts and controls access to any and all transactions, and to sensitive transactions involving drug testing, HIPAA protected information, and sensitive personal information such as disciplinary actions.

In EPM, activities are organized in meaningful activity queues for employees. The system automatically provides notifications that alert employees to pending activity. Additionally, employees can select and initiate online user interfaces.

Every completed online transaction is automatically rendered as an image and stored in the appropriate document class in ECM. Transactions that are a part of an employee’s file are automatically associated with that employee and presented for visual review in the appropriate tabbed section of their file.

Simply put, there is no other more flexible, enterprise-wide useful system available to address HRMS process requirements.

Document Enabled Online Processes


Training and testing user interfaces, benefit selections, performance reviews, licensures, and myriad other online processes can be enhanced with access to related documents and presentations.

Access to prior development plans, and making the last development plan a part of the current plan provides immediate online access to the last completed plan, helping managers and employees make sure nothing’s been missed in the new plan. Presentation of training videos and documents are a part of online transactions, and tracking the time spent by an employee in an online user interface can prove that adequate time was spent reviewing online training videos and related documents.


Getting Started

Moving employee related information systems to online processes and the consolidation of one or more HR systems in ETCETERA® is accomplished with a plan. ScerIS assists with:

  • Direction in the development of a System Implementation Plan that details processes, data requirements, activity queue definitions, user interfaces and prioritizes the configuration efforts.
  • The development of online process and workflows.
  • The integration of EPM with ETCETERA® ECM for a unified employee record, and other record management purposes.
  • The development of HR and employee training programs and provide training services.