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ScerIS Solutions

Our customers rely on our vertical expertise and the ETCETERA® platform to deliver greater business process controls and efficiencies hosted on-premises, in the cloud and through outsourced services. Our passion for innovation and technical discovery drives us to help customers imagine the possibilities and endeavor to optimize their business’ effciencies.

Below are links to four detailed examples of ScerIS solutions as suggested targets for your process improvements, and target opportunities spanning departments and industries.

Vendor Invoice Processing

Capture, automated dynamic data extraction, workflows and work queues, document repository, print file management, vendor portals and data files for ERP, with or without outsourced services.


Expense Management

Online T&E expense forms include item identification for rebilling to customers. Credit card charges automatically generate online expense forms for charge review and payment authorizations.


Performance Reviews

Designed to your requirements and implemented by your internal IT staff or ScerIS resources, these online forms can be as simple or comprehensive as desired, contributing data for analysis and reporting.


Time & Attendance

Manage all accountable time including requests for time off. If using an electronic time clock, integrate the data into this environment to provide management with one Time & Attendance environment for all employees.


Getting More Value from the ETCETERA® Platform

By Department

While there are similarities in the requirements of departments across industries, many differences remain with departmental requirements unique to each industry, and unique to the core ERP, EHR or other application used by the customer. Without exception, ScerIS systems and services accommodate that uniqueness.


By Industry

Each industry has unique business process or compliance requirements. The ETCETERA® Platform was designed to easily accommodate those industry differences while ScerIS resources provide system configuration and outsourced services to augment and complement customer’s internal resources.



Customer Stories

ETCETERA® ECM was initially used to manage customer credit documents but was quickly expanded to handle all document management requirements for the enterprise, including operations in the US and Canada. The customer manages over 200 classes of documents with many automated processes integrated with inputs or outputs to external core systems.

Some of the more interesting applications of ECM core functionality include its use by marketing for management of off-invoice revenues where price protection, incentive inventory purchases and various co-op arrangements are managed including automated reconciliations and notifications.

The automated delivery of hundreds of debit memos weekly to vendors was established using ECM. Additionally, all invoices, credits, re-invoicing and related shipping and delivery documents are managed in the system and used as part of an automated bill-back system with major retailers.

ScerIS implemented an automated vendor invoice processing system for PO invoices with integrations and data feeds set up for Apprise, Oracle Financials, and Dynamics AX. One of their more complex invoices, some 30 pages, took an AP associate over ½ day to process prior to ScerIS’ automation. The first time they processed a 30 page invoice for that vendor, their work was completed with only 9 keystrokes. This automated invoice processing system has been in continuous use since 2007.

ScerIS built numerous custom applications to address the unique requirements of the company. One application automatically reconciles vendor statements to ERP data to identify only the exceptions. Another application replaced an all paper-based process and automates the collection of complex digitized document sets to electronically manage chargebacks with their retail customers. Based on the chargeback code, the document sets are dynamically assembled to meet the requirements of each chargeback type. This process uses ETCETERA® Pack ‘n Go for Spreadsheets.

This customer was upgraded to the newest ETCETERA® platform in August 2021. ScerIS facilitated the trade-in of unused software licenses for those they needed without requiring payment for a separate license fee for those new licenses.

Initially, the ETCETERA® platform was used to simplify a complex billing process that required the accumulation of documents from disparate sources and involved many associates and hours of costly labor. Using the ETCETERA® ECM platform, ScerIS constructed a system that assembles complex invoicing document sets for presentation to their fulfillment customers who subsequently use this documentation to invoice their clients.

The customer has added many other business processes to this system including vehicle and lease management and in 2020 engaged ScerIS for their Professional Subscription Services (PSS) which provides on-demand resources for projects.

The most recent configuration using the ETCETERA® tech stack and utilizing the resources from the PSS provided for a drayage management solution.

Currently, the customer is implementing a vendor portal and AP process automation using standard ETCETERA® features and the PSS team.

Their most recent upgrade was completed in 2021.

The initial project included dynamic data capture for automated vendor invoice processing with automated feeds into ETCETERA® for invoice review, coding down to the lowest level of project cost allocation and payment approval by more than 400 project managers. It was quickly expanded to accommodate non-project invoices and methods for converting online html to usable invoice images.

The system has grown to accommodate multiple acquisitions with resultant higher invoice volumes and greater than 700 project managers. Secured access for all invoice approvers is accommodated with a 50 concurrent user license and mobile approval capabilities. The initial project serving 400 project managers saved over $1,000,000 annually.

Numerous other processes have been automated by ScerIS. A couple of those include:

  • Invoice approval and posting processes were modified to accommodate multiple currencies.
  • ScerIS automated processing of the customer’s Concur files and images to provide data files for posting to their ERP (Deltek). These indexed invoice and expense images are accessed for use in their custom billing system.
  • Established a vendor portal in ScerISGLOBALACCESS for invoice submissions that sync up vendor invoices with the customer’s on-premises system, and also provides vendors with up-to-date up-to-date PO information, invoice payment status and more.

Their most recent system upgrade was in 2020.

The ETCETERA® platform was initially used in Accounts Payable and then expanded to include Patient Financial Services (PFS). All payment and correspondence images are maintained in ETCETERA® ECM. In 2019, the hospital system (consisting of three hospitals, clinics and other sites) engaged ScerIS in processing their lockbox payments and correspondence. ScerIS processes all payments and EOBs and provides 835 payment data files for EPIC Hospital and EPIC Professional. ScerIS also processes all correspondence and provides correspondence data files for EPIC work queues. EPIC is completely integrated with ETCETERA® for payment documents and correspondence documents.

There are multiple payment types received at the lockbox. For payment types other than EOB and zero-pay, the transactions are routed to ETCETERA® work queues for customer review and posting in commercial self-pay and other systems.

With COVID affecting attendance in 2020 and 2021, the customer’s remote PFS staff stayed current with payment processing using these outsourced services and this online system with workflows and online document access including direct access from EPIC.

Initially ScerIS replaced Siemens for document management. Shortly after that their system was enhanced to provide automated data capture of EOB detail which was used to improve performance of secondary billings.

The initial system supported the activities of 320 doctors. Today it supports over 2300 doctors.

The system was expanded to automatically evaluate correspondence to automatically place correspondence documents into individual work queues.

In 2019 ScerIS provided expertise in process improvements and provided process and production data insights for management.

Initially, ScerIS installed ETCETERA® ECM onsite for the management of patient records.

In 2009 the customer expanded this system to include ETCETERA® EPM and AUI (electronic online interfaces) development tools. This provided the platform on which they built their electronic medical record and have, to date, developed over 300 unique user interfaces.

Having the ability to develop new applications, modify existing applications and deploy useful tools as needed has given this customer to ability to rapidly address changing requirements, changes in state mandated requirements and new lines of service.

ScerIS installed the ETCETERA® platform onsite to manage allograft donation records and with that success the system was expanded to include multiple locations nationally. The system is used to manage lab notebooks, donor records, track allograft utilizations for compliance requirements and more.

In 2009, following negative experiences with two outsource providers, the customer outsourced its processing of Tissue Trace Cards (domestic, international, and miscellaneous) to ScerIS Service Center Operations. Tissue utilization records are received as digitized attachments to emails and also as physical documents submitted by hospitals nationwide and 21 data fields are captured along with serialized references to tissue sources. ScerIS continues to process this work, now in the 12th year, as their outsource service resource. Additionally, Linking Lives, a program that allows recipients of a donation to connect with donor families to express their appreciation and thankfulness, is also outsourced to ScerIS.

ScerIS Service Center Operations has provided other document conversions that are stored in the ETCETERA® on-premises system.

The Inspectional Services Department was the first to use the systems and services of ScerIS. ETCETERA® ECM was installed for managing the digitized records of ISD that include applications, permits, inspection documents, drawings, affidavits, forms, checklists, certifications and extensions of various types and for various building, housing, health, sanitation and safety purposes.

The work at ISD included the conversion of ISD documents dating back to 1842 which included training intellectually challenged students in document preparation and hiring and training a local workforce to provide document conversion services. All document conversion work was performed on-site. Systems were configured to integrate with existing databases managed by the city. The system provides constituents with browser access to ISD documents.

Adoption of the system has expanded throughout nearly all city departments. ETCETERA® ECM has become the standard for digitized records management in the city, with an upgrade of systems to the newest version of ETCETERA® combined with SAML integration for SSO occurring in 2021.

A few of the other departments that use the ETCETERA® platform include:

Department of Public Works: Made the large format plans and drawings, that were stored in the basement of city hall, of city streets, property and land layouts throughout the city accessible in an index-rich and searchable browser environment and provided constituents with web based access to these digitized files.

Public Improvements Commission: Established the environment for managing historical PIC orders and other change requests and drawings.

Office of the Clerk: Replaced and transitioned a manually intensive document management system to a more automated system within ETCETERA® helping to process new and existing business certificates in a fraction of the time it previously required. Improvements throughout the department have had a very positive impact on constituent services, allowing the department to respond immediately to inquiries.

Accounts Payable: Implemented ETCETERA® for all city hall departments, public schools and public library with integration into the PeopleSoft Financial System for invoice processing and access.

Health Benefits Department: Integrated with PeopleSoft employee records, ETCETERA® provides on-demand capture of benefits enrollment and changes for current and retired employees. Their transition to this system provides access to employee benefits files with a click in PeopleSoft, has saved time with streamlining the work and eliminated storage of these documents.

Landmark Commission: ETCETERA® stores the documentation, plans and photographs of over 8,000 historic properties. Maintaining these files in paper form required offsite storage which impacted Landmark staff that required daily access to these files.

Registry Division: Prior to ETCETERA® all registry documents were on paper or microfilm, and birth, marriage, divorce and death records were bound, cataloged and racked. ScerIS provided scanning services of birth record registries and the Registry Division digitizes and indexes these documents providing staff with instant desktop access, reducing the time required for each transaction by minutes and increasing the overall efficiency of the division.


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